First Smoke Right Now!! 13# Brisket

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Well tomorrow I'm gonna pop my cherry!
I picked up a 13lb CAB Choice Grade Beef Brisket this afternoon. Trimmed it and applied Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Rub, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge.
Plan on smokin it tomorrow with Hickory chunks along with some apple or cherry chips.
VERY EXCITED!!! Don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight!!!
Wellll OKAY smokeEater! Best of luck to ya on that smoke and don't forget to keep us posted as you go and bring pics if you can.

Keep Smokin
A 13 lb. brisket! I couldn't think of a better break in for your GOSM. Have fun and let us know how it turns out for you. Good Luck!

I used a jalapeno mustard on the brisket before applying the rub. I also made Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Mop (figured I'd be consistent since I made his rub), using the same jalapeno mustard and a Samual Adam's Cherry Wheat that I got in a variety case the other day.


I also got a dozen jalapeno peppers, 1lb sausage, chive & onion cream cheese, and some grated pecorino romano cheese. That's right!!! ABTs!!!

I'll take pictures throughout the process and post them when I can...
Then don't sleep tonight. Go put that sucker on the smoker and make a night of it.
Your looking at about 18 hours at 225, that would have it ready about 3 PM'ish, a couple hours resting in the cooler, dinner at 5PM tomorrow.
Roger’s right…if you wait til tomorrow, that brisket won’t be ready til bout midnite! Plan accordingly! C’mon, its not like you’re gonna barhop on a night like this! Anyways, I think there’s a Stooges marathon on the box tonight! Go getum SmokeEater!
The plan was to finish tomorrow sometime past midnight (2-3am), pack it in a cooler, and have it for Sunday lunch. I'll check the temp Sunday mornin when I get up and throw it in the oven on a low temp to keep it warm if need be. What do you guys/gals think?
That's why I got a 13 pound brisket! Would "right-unders" be the opposite of "left-overs"??? With the brisket right-under my nose, I'll be sampling it for breakfast Sunday morning - maybe I'll have some fatties and eggs as well!!!
Breakfast sounds great (pot full of grits/cheddar cheese would be nice...)

But, it would be tough for me to not want a couple of thin slices shortly off the grill......

Good Luck!!
At 1.5 hours, I checked the water level and the wood in smoke box (as per TulsaJeff's new GOSM step-by-step smoke guide). Water level was fine. Not sure if the wood needed changing, but changed it anyway. I have not done any mods to the smoker box that came with the Big Block. I am using hickory chunks. How long should chunk wood last before requiring a refill?
Looking good SmokeEater, I'd say your right on track. On the long brisket and butt smokes I don't remove wood chunks from the wood box. I start with 3-4 depending on their size then just push the remains to the back of the box and add 2 or 3 every couple hours or so. Those used chunks have a lot of life left IMO. They will make thin blue smoke ever so subtle for several hours, but you do want a fresh chunk or two in there as well.

I don't know if having the lid on the on the box will effect this method much. I think it might somewhat since it would drastically reduce air-flow to the chunks, so it is worth noting I think the wood box lid makes an outstanding paper weight.
It's hard to say without being there, but if I follow the thread right you haven't added any for about 2 hours, so you are getting close.
Yes, I added wood two hours ago. I got no visible smoke. Meat is 142*, smoker 229*. Haven't opened the smoker since I last added wood. Camera batteries died and have just finished recharging, so the pictures will start again.

Read a few times on here to keep smoke till 140*. Some say you can keep up the smoke beyond 140*. Should I refill the wood in the smoke box, or just leave it?
smokeeater, the 140º mark is where your smoke ring will stop forming. After that you can still add smoke flavor to the meat. It all depends on you and your crowd how much smoke flavor you want. You can add more wood if you like

Keep Smokin
Just hit the 4 hour mark. Opened the smoker, added hot water (boiled on stove), sprayed the brisket, and snapped a picture real quick. Meat is at 144* - when will it hit the "plateau" I've read so much about? Is this all going too fast?
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