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Original poster
Dec 26, 2010
Valencia CA.
Well, I think I did it....... LOL..

First smoker run ever..

Just a 5Lb Chicken and some Yams,

Did a Chicken Rub, Can with Water and chopped Onions inside...

Apple Wood....

It was not bad, just fell apart...

I think I'm Hooked!

And It started to snow in the middle of it, does not happen very often in Cali.

The Lil Woman was way happy!"" target="_blank">



VERY NICE job on the yard bird. Nice color and how about them yams did they turn out the way you wanted them to.?
Looks great. How were the yams?  Snowing at Magic Mountain WOW
Thank you all for the kind words!

The Yams came out great, I put them in about an hour after the bird, came out nice, soft & tasty...

I guess for a first smoke it all came out good, I'm still new at this... I must do more!

What I have learned so far...

I need a remote Temp Probe, the little "Stick in and Cook" thing sucked!,

Thank god I had another temp probe to really check the temps, but opening the door drops the temp.

A remote probe would be really nice. (Note to self... Find one!, any recommendations?

Yes, Snow in Valencia is rare, I have only seen it a few times in the last 30 years...

The Lil woman loved the Bird and also the snow..

Thanks again for the kind words, I think I'm hooked on this, just need to play more :).


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