First Smoke on new RF Smoker

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mismith, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Finally got a chance to fire up our new RF Smoker this weekend. This was our first time ever using an offset stick burner. We cooked 2 butts and a whole chicken. I gave some of the pulled pork to a friend which landed us a catering job for a "sweet sixteen" birthday party later this year. We used all Hickory, no charcoal, wanted to see if we could do it the old fashioned way. Overall, I would say it was a big success. Thanks for all the good info. on this site!



    kept her between 225 and 250

    she liked a wide open vent

    nice smoke ring

  2. Nice looking smoker! That PP looks good too.
  3. crazyq

    crazyq Meat Mopper

    good lookin smoker and food! I like those gauges, I think those are the ones I'm going to go with on my build the black face on a black pit just makes it look like it was ment to be haha.
  4. What brand and model is your smoker?
  5. Made by a local but also a member here, Cauble's Custom Fabrications LLC , Salisbury, NC. See my first post, lots of pictures. He ships also.


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