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Discussion in 'Pork' started by buddyw, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. So I ventured out yesterday and picked up some Country Style Ribs for my first smoke. I think I've read where some recommend newbies to try chicken first but was really wanting some ribs. So anyway...

    I used the rub I found in the Sauces, Rubs & Marinades forum "Everything Rub" from Dick's Bodacious BBQ, mainly because I had all the ingredients on hand already. Heated the smoker up (MES 30) to about 240. Put the ribs on with a handful of hickory and let it go.

    Was planning to use the 3-2-1 method for these, but after about 2 1/2 hours I checked them and they were cooking fast. I'm thinking from the temp being off on this smoker (I'll definitely be investing in a remote thermometer very soon). So I pulled them, wrapped them, and put them back in and reduced the heat to about 225 for 2 more hours.

    Well, pulling them after 2 more hours they were DONE. IT was about 165 - 170. Was nervous I had screwed them up, but after trying them they were GOOD! Oh man, the wife loved them too! A little dry but for my first run they weren't bad at all. I'll definitely be smoking these again.

    So my next dilemma is which remote thermometer to buy. Thinking about the Maverick ET-732 or 733.

  2. yotzee

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    Those look good!

    You really don't need to use the 3-2-1 on CSRs as they aren't really ribs.  They are actually cut from the shoulder which is why your cooking time went faster than expected.
  3. Thanks Yotzee, I guess that explains that. I'll learn!
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    Looks awesomeThumbs Up. On your thermometer dilemma, I would highly recommend the Maverik ET-732. I struggled with finding a thermometer that worked correctly (as advertised) and almost give up. Then seen some reviews on the Maverik and decided to try one last time and glad I did. Really like it. Hope this helps and any questions you may have I would try my best to answer. Also there is a good review on it at Good luck and keep smokin, WHB
  5. Thanks WHB and def helps! I'm kinda leaning that way myself to the Maverick ET-732. Less expensive than the 733 and gets good reviews.

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