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Discussion in 'Fish' started by clark337, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. clark337

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    Did my first salmon smoke. Learned alot after it. First i thought i messed em up. But still turned out fine. They werent fresh salmon. They were freezered for couple days n thawed em out skined em put in a liquid brine i found on here. Was my first mistake. Didnt read up enough and the salmon fell apart. Got em on a cooling rack as good as i could let em sit for a lil over 24 hrs to form pellicLe. Smoked em with some apple chips till the hit 160 it lil salty from liquid brine next time i will be doing the dry brine of brown sugar and kosher salt. Cuz its store bought salmon.
  2. crazymoon

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    C337, Make sure you write down your smokes to avoid the same mistakes! [​IMG]  The salmon looks good !
  3. cmayna

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    Agreed, make lots of note as to what you did so you can go back later and study. I might suggest that next time, you consider smoking to an IT of 140-145 which is best for most fish.
  4. clark337

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    Thats what i was going to go to was 140 it. But read that 160 was cooked for fish and 140 was if u were vacuum sealing which i have not purchased yet. Next purchase with slicer and grinder. And thanks for the advice. I did take notes. I will be using a dry brine from now on unless some fresh caught salmon fall into my lap in the middle of minnesota. Lol

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