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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by southcedar, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. southcedar

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    I'm getting my stuff together for my first build and have several questions I need help with. My pipe is 29.5 inches inside diameter and 78 inches long.
    Cooking chamber is 53312.55
    FB/cc opening 213.25
    Area under rf plate 213.25
    Area at end of rf plate 213.25
    Minimum firebox 17593.14
    Segment height is 10.3 inches tall
    Rf plate is 28.12 inches wide
    I was thinking the rf plate would be several inches below my cooking grate but at 28 inches wide it's basically half of the tank which is where I wanted my bottom cooking rack. There would be about an inch between them. Also how long would the rf plate be? Just a tad confused so any help is appreciated.
  2. Something is wrong if you segment is 10.3 then thats about a third of  the CC and if your first grate is half you should have 4 to 5 inches between.

    Best Alan
  3. southcedar

    southcedar Newbie

    I'm probably wrong but thought it was saying my plate needed to be 28.12 inches wide .....which in order for that to fit it would be about half the pipe . I'm not real clear on understanding it .
  4. bruno994

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    RF plate can be anywhere from 2" and beyond under your bottom grate.  Mine is 4 1/2"...the opening at the end of the RF plate needs to be as large as your FB to CC opening or just slightly larger, don't want to choke down your air flow any.. 
  5. daveomak

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    I just ran the numbers.... Radius, 14.75.... seg. height ED, 10.25..... Chord AB (RF width), 28.1".... seg. area 211....

    Your numbers look good.... The RF plate should stop short of the end of the CC 12" if flat... and at the weld or so, if an old propane tank...

    14.75 - 10.25 = 4.5" below centerline for the RF plate....

    Sooooo, you have 19.25" above the RF plate for racks..... and about 6' long (72") give or take... there should be room for a partial width rack about 8" or so above the lower food rack.... however, I would put the upper rack in based on room at the top.... like for ribs, chickens, split turkeys, sausage...... leave enough room on the bottom rack for turkeys whole etc.....
  6. southcedar

    southcedar Newbie

    thanks Dave , that's what I needed to know. I'm sure I'll have many more ?s
  7. Just have to remember a inch or so of RF plate can drop it more then one thinks in a pipe that size. You guys on here always say draw it on paper it does help .

    Thanks Dave

    Best Alan

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