First Q-View...It's Chuckie Time

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Jan 27, 2011
northern wisconsin
Being stoked that i finally purchased a winter time smoker i thought it was a perfect time for a chuckie. This smoke started with a 3.6 lb chuckie rubbed with my sweet and sassy homemade rub.

The chuckie was covered and stuck in the fridge overnight.

In the morning i preheated my MES to 265 and after it reached that point i backed it down to 240 using Bearcarvers instructions to a T from his chuckie cooking link.

Thank you Bearcarver.

I used cherry, apple and hickory chips for the smoke. Changing wood each time i added it.

I smoked the chuckie until it reached a IT of 165, then i cut the smoke. Then put it in a foil pan that earlier i combined beef broth with a third of a yellow onion and a clove of garlic. This was put on the rack below my chuckie to catch juices and drippings off the roast.

I double foiled the top of the foil pan and continued cooking in the smoker unit the IT got to 205.

Sorry no pictures in the smoker as my wife thought i was crazy taking pictures of meat.

When the chuckie reached 205 i removed it from my smoker and brought it in the house to a preheated 200 degree oven. I left it rest in the oven for two hours before i brought it out for pulling.

Here are pictures of the chuckie out of the oven ready for pulling. Then the pull begins. Finally the finished product. My first sammy...i have to admit it wasn't my only
Combined with a hearty scoop of the little womans mustard potato salad it was a meal fit for a king. The BBQ sauce was heated but to tell you the truth i didn't use much as i found the drippings and beef stock a much better touch after i froze off the fat in the freezer.

Hope you like my first q-view and there will be more complete ones to follow...Len
Great looking plate - congrats  on the nice finished product
Looks like a great job on the chuckie,You can't go wrong with bear's recipes.He is a great asset to SMF!

Thanks for sharin', That sammie looks sweeeeeet!

Looks great

BTW how do i use Q-View and where do i get it?
It sure caught me by surprise making the front is a honor to be there..Thank you. Your positive comments make me want head to the smoker right now with the camera in

Nepas as the q-view goes, head to the wiki and search how to insert pictures...hit start a thread and start making your q-view. Good Luck, Looking forward to your first Q-view.
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