First pulled pork

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Jul 10, 2022
Christian County, MO
OI! M! G!!
Started at 543am pulled off at 330pm. I ran the smoker at temps ranging between 240 and 280. My modified OK Joe Longhorn is holding those temps very well. About 6 and a half hours in, we hit 162-166 internal so I wrapped. I originally thought about doing a boat wrap but it just sorta all got wrapped. I then ramped the temp up to the 300 ish range. It strayed to 340 a couple times but in the end it didn’t matter. I pulled it off and put it into the oven that was cooling from about 300 degrees while I went to an extremely long beer club officer meeting. I swear they were dragging it out on purpose.
I got to home and the wife had fries and slaw ready. She also made an Alabama Mustard sauce to go with it. Absolutely amazing! I think this was an 8.5 pound butt and it shines through. I did a rub with a SPOG base and then a hickory chipotle honey thing from Cabelas. Man. Just man.
For lunch I did some chicken wings and drums. I did them in a SPOG and a Korean BBQ rub mix I found I the cupboard. About an hour 15 of the smoking in that 240-280 zone and then twenty minutes on the gas grill cranked up as high as it goes, which is around 475-500. Those were tasty. I used Alabama white sauce and the missus used the Mustard sauce.
Some critiquing. The wings probably could have used some more smoker time, maybe 15 minutes. I didn’t temp them at all so I don’t really know what they were, they just looked done. The pork was spectacular. I would have liked to maintained better temp control but it hit 100 degree air temp and about 65 percent humidity. My internal temp felt like it was time to wrap. I think I need to check my thermometer. It seems each probe read a different temp in exactly the same spot. Not a lot but two or three degrees different.
Other than that,
Great day, tater!


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