First pork loin w/ Q-view

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nick verbenec

Original poster
Apr 22, 2014
Well Ive had my Master Forge electric smoker that I purchase from Lowes for about a year now and so far I have only been brave enough to smoke ribs. Well today that all changed. I smoked a 5 lb pork loin that I picked up from a local Dillions that I had in the freezer for the past few months. I really had not idea what I was doing until I started reading what some of you good folks were doing and I just pretty much took your ideas and tried them out.

I started last night with cutting off some of the access fat and put some rub I had lying around the house just to see what it would taste like. I used some KC Rib Doctor rub and Sweet and Smoky Grillmates stuff. Then I wrapped it all in bacon and placed it in the fridge over night.

Then the next day I unwrapped it all and preheated the smoker to 235 and in it went. I used hickory chips for smoke.

This is where I was starting to have some questions, doubts, and worries. I had my food probe in the meat, but looking back, I think that i wasnt in the right spot because after about 45 min of cooking, it was all ready reading 120 IT. I assumed that couldnt have been right, I placed the probe in what I thought was a better spot and sure enough, everything seemed better. about 2 hours later when the IT reached 145', out she came.

I let her rest for about 30 min and the left and middle side came up to 150', and the right came up to 160'. After cutting it apart and giving it the eye test, I felt pretty good about my first time. Pretty decent smoke ring and a great aroma and I then threw it on the plate for the wife and I to eat. We had way too much meat, but when has that ever been a problem.

I learned a few things that I for sure want to keep an eye on for next time. Mostly where I place my probe for the IT. Also, maybe Ill use string to tie up the bacon or whatever else I have on the outside of the loin. I forgot to pull the toothpicks out of the meat when I was cutting it up and thus, had to pull bits of toothpick out of my mouth while eating away.

Thanks for all the tips and advice that everyone has indirectly given me since I have started smoking. They are very welcome to us new guys. Ill try to work on the photos. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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