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  1. I just got my second hand char-broil propane smoker and decided to try some pulled pork.  It turned out great, tender juicy, flavorful but it lacked a smoky taste.  I used apple wood throughout the smoke until I foiled it.  I used a very basic brown sugar/seasoned salt rub with extra SPOG.  I used an apple juice, salt and sugar injection.. I rubbed and injected the day before.  I couldn't be more happy with the actual taste except for the smoke.  This unit has no adjustable  bottom vents but it does have them on the top.  I left the vent mostly wide open.  Is this right?

    5am ready for the smoker....


    8am first peak and photo.  Smoker was 230ish and internal temp was 131.


    10am 5 hours in.  I hit it with some apple juice. Smoker was 225. Internal temp was 153.  It kind of hung out at this temp for a while.


    1:30pm Temp was 179.  It seemed a little firm to me but I foiled it and put back on smoker until 190 was reached.


    2:30pm the internal temp was 194 time for the ice chest.  It stayed there for 1.5 hours or so. So a little after 4pm I took it out. The bone came out clean. It pulled very easy. I'm very satisfied with results except for the smoke  Sorry no money shot.  Everyone said they were hungry, it was 101 here and I had had a couple of adult beverages at that point, so I forgot the last picture.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Roll Tide............
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    Next time try going the whole way in smoke. No foiling.

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