First Picanha on MBG 1050 w GrillGrates

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May 18, 2020
I picked up a 3 LB Prime Picanha from Wild Ford ($12.99/lb) last week. After defrosting, I dry-brined with coarse kosher salt for a little over one hour. Brought to room temp, scored the fat cap (did not trim), olive oil binder, coated both sides with a liberal coating of a special Argentinian S & P blend (Grazianos Market blend) + Garlic powder. Threw on the MBG 1050 middle rack @ 250F until an IT of 115F. Once at temp, I removed from the grill (did not tent, left outside), placed my GrillGrates down (griddle side up) and cranked the temp to 500F. Seared both sides for a few minutes until IT of 130F. Had a major flare-up when searing the fat cap side. The GrillGrates did a nice job of protecting the meat from complete annihilation. I had to finish the last few degrees with the controller of due to the flames. Not bad for my first attempt. I am getting better with flare ups on the MBG at high temps. Trying not to buy any mods for this, but I starting to believe this is inevitable.

Let me know what you think. The meat was great. Flavor was on point. Tenderness was perfect. Fat cap was a visibly charred, but it protected the meat from burning.

Perfect Rare/Med-Rare finished product

Good looking cut and fat cap
Picahna Before.png

Burn victim fat cap
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