Reverse Sear Tri-Tip on MBG 1050 w GrillGrates

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May 18, 2020
Many of you on this forum have discovered the yummy goodness of Tri-Tip and have posted many examples of your cooks. Well, here is another one 😊. What makes this post unique (in my mind) is that I used GrillGrates on a MBG 1050. After a near disaster with flare-ups on my Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) Prime Rib, I decided to invest in GrillGrate grates. The 25% off Xmas promo-code didn't hurt. If you do not know, GrillGrates turns any grill/oven/air fryer into an Infrared grill that captures drippings to help prevent flare-ups and to introduce that flavor and moisture back into the meat. I bought the standard GG setup that covers half the grill, leaving the other half for heat and smoke.

Wild Fork recently opened their 10th South Florida location near my home. I have been hearing good things and made a "freeze filling" purchase last night (after Midnight). This morning at 9:15 AM, DoorDash delivery was at my door with my order. Today, I decided to cook the Tri-Tip (2.5 LB @ $9.48/LB). My cooking plan was simple: SPG dry brine an hour before cooking. Smoke with Kingsford Hickory briquettes and Whiskey Barrel chunks @ 250F until IT of 125F and reverse sear at 450F until 140/145F. I was surprised that it only took 40 mins to get to 120F (from 33F). The MBG did an awesome job of getting to 500F (<5 mins). I dropped the temp to 450 and seared 6 mins per side, rotating every halfway for hatch grill marks. The final IT quickly got to 138F after a few mins on the back side and climaxed at 146F during resting. At first, I was not happy with the color or the grill marks and was worried that the meat would not be tender due to the fast cook. And then.... (in my "Dude Where's My Car" drive thru voice)

Money shot: Once I cut into the meat, my opinion of the cook changed and turned my frown, upside down.

Far from perfect grill marks. It didn't help that I started the sear on the bottom side of the steak.

GrillGrates close-up (upside down meat view)

Meater graphs for my fellow data nerds
Nice! TriTip is definitely in my families favorites list. That looks like a cool that would make everyone smile for sure! I don’t have the grates, but I’m thinking for your first go you should definitely be happy! Great job!
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That looks like a great tri-tip and very well cooked!

Sorry, didn't realize how long ago this was from! Still a great looking tri-tip! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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