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    I made jelly yesterday, today if I can hide enough Honey Crisps away I be a makin an apple pie! I have always been a Granny Smith type of guy, they travel well, last a long time, and not mushie like some of the other varieties. Then I was introduced to Honey Crisps. Now that's what I call a good apple! Sweet, crisp, juicy, lasts, and a great cooker too!  What more can you expect from an apple?

    I just finished my first slice of pie and its definitely good enough to tell you about.

    As with any pie the crust is the foundation and without a good foundation you are just wasting your time with the pie. I used to use store boughts from that little doughboy fella. Now its about learning and hoping...... and some small amount of praying too. LOL

    Last night I mixed my dough, divided it put each piece in plastic wrap and left it to hydra over night. <Fingers crossed>

    Today I cleaned, peeled, cored and sliced dem dere apples

    BTW that's no small apple either, we don't do no skimmy pie!

    I mixed up the cinnamon, corn starch, pecans, nutmeg, White & brown sugars and a cap full of maple extract and folded into the apple slices. Let it rest and suck out some juices. ( I can stop here and eat....LOL)

    Pull out the crust, roll it out and place in a buttered 9" deep dish Pyrex pie pan. I love these things They make you recalculate all your recipes and add 50% more filling but we don't serve no whimmy pies round here!

    Place the apple mixture in the pan

    I thought about a lattice type top crust but I didn't go that way and let me explain why. If I use a whole top crust even with vents slit it will retain more steam/heat to cook the crisp apples. That is why this time I did a whole crust.

    Heap it up, its gonna shrink down. Egg washed, nutmeg, sugar and cinnamon dusted. Into the oven! The suspense is killing ya, ya know you need some pie!

    Oh and extra crust? Didn't ya Momma make these for you so you wouldn't get whipped before time to get some pie? LOL

    Pastry crust, and it puffs up, its tender and flaky, and delicious!

    Crust is out in 10 to 15 the pie takes 60 to 70. By the time the pie came out 2/3's of the scraps had been eaten.....

    DING! PIE IS DONE! Ding Pie is Done!

    I tried something new/different and I knew why others didn't do it, but I had it available and just had to try it! What did I do to it?

    I mixed up some caramel apple jelly and some melted butter and brushed the top crust..... The smell then over-powered and will power you just thought you had.

    No more of these......... We are not counting how many are left... that's impolite.

    Couldn't stand it, that caramel apple spicy smell is ZOWIE!!!  So were are those trick or treaters?

    Apples are in and its time to practice, hey it's an excuse! LOL

    I cut my spices in 1/2 this time and I think I much prefer it, of course I am thinking maybe I should try another  pie before making a final decision. LOL

    Thank for looking in. I have to say with as simple as apple pies are to make I almost didn't post it, especially since I had even done it before but after having eaten a slice I decided I had to share. This is something you really need to try while the apples are in. You'll want to go and make it for your Mom and she'll want the recipe! Out frickin standing apple pie. Now I am thinking about a little salted caramel sauce to drizzle over it not. It really doesn't need it .......But why not its easy to make?? LOL... shoot me and slow me down!

    That pie's recipe. Well you'll also need some caramel apple jelly too.....


    5 CupsHoney Crisp
    1/2 cupbrown sugar
    1/2 cupsugar
    1/4 teaspooncinnamon
    1 capmaple extract
    1/8 teaspoonnutmeg
    2 tablespooncornstarch
    29 inch pie shell (top & bottom)
    Preheat oven 400 Degrees
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  2. c farmer

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    Thats a fine lookin pie Foam.

    I love the fall harvest.
  3. foamheart

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    Man I have to tell you, that might be the best pie I ever ate, I know its the best apple pie I ever made! My mouth just started watering talking about it. Ya know I just fixed a cup of coffee too.......
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    Kevin that is plain out Mean.I read this 5 times crust is what makes the Pie.But now us poor folks how don't know squat,sit twiddling our fingers.Hoping you just missed including it.

    Great job as always and thanks for the heads up on the Apples.Running to the store tomorrow before they run out of Pop and Fresh Dough,[​IMG]


  5. foamheart

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    Richie there is a million ways to make a pie crust, it took me forever to figure out its really simple. Just don't over think it. The two most important factors are like making sausage, keep it all cold as possible and give it time to hydrate. Everything else is person specific.

    Normally I only make one crust at a time, that either a upper or lower but I have started doing two now and it seems to work. maybe because of my relaxed attitude.

    2 1/2 cups of flour. Use whatever kind you want but stick with one. you'll learn with what you have that way.

    1/2 Cup of butter cubed. Again whatever you normally use either salted or unsalted but be consistent. Butter adds the flavor BTW 1/2 C = 1 stick

    1/2 Cup lard. Its getting easier to get these days with all the Mexican influence in the country now. Its is saturated fat, not unsaturated, hey its a pie crust containing pie, its dessert damn it. The lard makes the crust tender.

    A little salt if using unsalted butter

    A little sugar if a dessert crust

    Really really really cold water!  1/4 to 1/2 cup, you gotta feel it sorry.

    That's it for me. Some folks do vinegar to relax the molecular fiber of the flour.... <shrugs> Some folks add almond extract ( I will usually incorporate some spice herb or extract which will be highlighted in the pie filling. Tonys for savory is common.

    Measure & sift your flour, salt and sugar and/or flavors into a mixing bowl. Into the reefer.

    Cut your fat into small cubed, into the reefer

    I keep spring water in the reefer all the time. Let all get cold. Keep it cold.

    Cut the fat into the flour, a pastry knife is cheap and ever grocery store sells them. Mom used two knives, hence the word cut. It keeps your warm hands out the cold mixture. Do NOT over work. Big pieces are good too.

    You can re-chill if needed or fold in 1/4 to 1/2 C of ice cold water gently. It is not supposed to be a paste. It doesn't even need to all stick together.

    Cut dough ball in half, each piece press down with your hands to double the size, now cut in half and set on top the other half, with hands press down to double sided again and cut in half and stack again. Three times with each piece is enough. Press it down again and wrap in plastic wrap and return to the reefer. This is your hydration cycle. The longer it stays the better it gets. The cold again chills the fats while allowing the water to migrate thru the flour. I do over night these days.

    The rest is technique, always push away with the rolling pin, look for equilateral thickness, don't roll it too thin, its good pie crust let 'em taste it! Don't forget the air vents, the eggwash makes it purdy, let it bubble over to insure the bottom crust is well done. Put a piece of tin foil under it (its like smoking I tell ya)

    It just takes some practice with you using the same ingredients. Its like smoking, its nearly all done the day before in prep.


    2 1/2 C flour

    1/2 C cold cubed butter

    1/2C cold cubed lard

    a little salt and/or sugar

    1/4 to 12 C of ice cold water.

    Its just too easy, ( of course my next 10 crusts will fail miserably from acting like I know what I am doing). BTW maybe some of the chefs can correct anything I have said wrong or improperly or even expand upon it. I would love to learn more too.

    Its all about keep it cold and prep ahead.
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  6. tropics

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    Kevin Thank You I am not a baker and I really appreciate the help on baking any thing.You have always provided great tips for the whole cook.

    I hope I don't screw it up when I try it.

    Thanks again

  7. foamheart

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    LOL... a little flour a little fat and a hint of water....... How hard can that be?

    I have quit trying with a pie crust more than most people have made.....LOL  Something so simple can be a royal pain and everyone says, its more a feel than a quantity thing....LOL

    You didn't learn how to make those stuffed crabs over night. A pie crust is used infinitely more. Forget those store boughts, its worth the effort.

    Make one and roll it out and make the pastry scraps, don't waste a pie filling while practicing's. Then when you are proud of your pie scraps.......

    It takes mins to make, hours to cool and hydrate.
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  8. foamheart

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    Oh and I almost forgot, I did add about a dozen pecan halves which I coarsely chopped. I like pecans and they are a great texture thingie. They are not hard or crunch but you know when ya get one. Goes real good in the apple pie. I once had a lady friend who laughingly told me they were cockroaches, she didn't chop hers'. After that I put cock roach parts in.
  9. twoalpha

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    Pie looks great. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the post.
  10. bauchjw

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    Wow, that looks amazing. I have to broaden my interest into baking! Have you ever tried one in Dutch oven?
  11. foamheart

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    Dutch ovens = cobblers! Blackberry or peach being my favorites, quart jar of ice cold milk (or coffee in the AM). That's why you put up with all those crazy scouts, that and the great stories you get to tell the next week. LOL

    You should try one of those things that Woodcutter makes. Its a skillet thingie like coffee cake. Looks pretty dang tastee!

    I imagine that Marines are like scouts, after a weekend playing in the dirt a big spoonful of cobbler and a glass a milk and they have recharged and ready to go at it again.
  12. foamheart

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    Thank you Larry. Its all about what's fresh and what sounds good with it. Those apples were beautiful, whatever you make just has to be good then.
  13. bauchjw

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    I always learn something new! I love it! But the pork, brisket, and smoked beans is stressing me enough. I don't think I can handle throwing in cobblers too! That being said, I know that it would do the trick!
  14. foamheart

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    Here is a really good place to start. Its where I did. LOL.. well in a round about way.
  15. bauchjw

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    Thank you again Foam! You have been an amazing sage in a short time. This will work perfect to start. You saved my sanity for my big smoke. Your honey nd apple juice trick was magic on vinegary pulled Huge success! I'll get pics posted.
  16. bauchjw

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    Sorry accidental send. This looks like my new challenge!
  17. foamheart

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    Its NP...... I am sure you can guess how I knew about the honey and apple juice..... LOL. Experience brings knowledge.
  18. waterinholebrew

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    I swear, I'm not on the forum for a while & I miss all these good threads ! :biggrin: Nice job Foam, sorry I'm so late but I guess better late than never.... LOL
  19. foamheart

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     Thank ya sir, I saved ya a cup a coffee and a piece a pie for the first month..... I finally ate it last week... LOL

    Got some more apples, not a big and pretty as the first ones, and I have a crust in the reefer chilling, but I'd have to make a top for it....I have some small pie pumpkins. I gotta wonder why I can't find any "Sugar pumpkins" anymore. They make the best pies, don't hardly even need sugar.

    All this rain will ruin anything still attached for this year though. <Sighs> 

    And off on another tangent I go again...... LOL
  20. zach5483

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    That looks so good....must make pie now.

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