First go at smash burgers on the Camp Chef

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Dec 7, 2017
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So I got my camp chef ftg about a month ago and have been playing with it to get use to. We decided to try some smash burgers (again) tonight. First time on the flat top. They turned out really good. I hate to say it but burgers are one thing I’ll never cook on my Weber kettle again, and that thing is my favorite cooker! I started out by cutting my thumb while I was cutting the onions, (I’m be only one that eats them so no harm no foul). Put those on first. Then had 6 4oz rolls of ground beef ready to go. Dropped some butter and tossed the ground beef on, let it sit and smashed them down. Used my burger spread we have used for a few years now and they were great. I’ll post the link for the spread. Picky kids and the wife ate them up. Here are the pics. The last one is mine I got too excited and didn’t get the egg bacon or pickles on before I put it together


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All looks good. My first run of Smash Burgers were tasty but Dry. The griddle was not hot enough so by the time they got a good sear the juices of the 90/10 had evaporated....JJ
Hell of a job!!!

Damn, that all looks great, I'll take extra grilled red onions on mine please. I ain't skeared of a little blood,

The last time I cut myself bad, I was taking the pits out of a bunch of avocados. On the last one I thwacked the knife blade into my trigger finger and did it up something good.
(It was a bloodbath too, it wouldn't stop bleeding because it was right where the finger bends).
Paper towel, duct tape and a rubber glove, and I was back in business. :emoji_joy: :emoji_thumbsup:
Those are some fine looking smash burgers.

Point for sure
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