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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by scott edwards, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. scott edwards

    scott edwards Fire Starter

    I did my first fatty, this weekend, and it was awesome.  The only picture I got was of the finished product.  I did it jalapeno popper style, and used directions on how to roll it, and make the bacon weave from previous posts.  I had it on with a rack of ribs, so it was on for quite awhile.  The weave wasn't very "pretty" when I put it on, but it looked much better after it was cooked.

  2. Great looking fatty man!  [​IMG]   I bet you'll be making a lot more fatties in the future  [​IMG]
  3. scott edwards

    scott edwards Fire Starter

    Definitely!!!  This thing was awesome, and didn't last very long.
  4. They never do man... They never do...  [​IMG]   Good job on your first one  [​IMG]
  5. hap12

    hap12 Fire Starter

    In the process of smokin my first fatty, (2 of them)
    breakfast style. Scrambled eggs, sauted onions, peppers, mushrooms, hashbrowns, some smoked cheddar I smoked last weekend. Hope mine comes out as good as yours. Here's a pick of my first two, ready for the smoker!!!
  6. scott edwards

    scott edwards Fire Starter

    I would imagine they will turn out pretty darn good.  The weave looks quite a bit better than mine did.

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