First Dried Beef! Q-view

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Mar 16, 2009
Western PA
Well BearCarvers dried beef tutorial really made my mouth water so i decided to give it a try. I started out with a 2lb Eye Round. Trimmed all the fat off (not very much) and put it in a TQ cure for 9 days. Flipping and rubbing it every day. I then pulled it out of the cure on the end of the 9th day and rinsed it off and soaked it in ice water for an hour, draining at the half hour mark. Then i left it sit uncovered in the fridge over night.

I fired up the smoker at 9 this morning with hickory and got it around 125*. Stuck the meat in and let it go. Now i dont have as much control over my propane smoker, but i was able to hold some temps for a while. I let it smoke around 125-135* for about the first 5 hrs, then i bumped it up to about 165* for about 2 hrs then bumped it up to about 200* for the last hour. This put me at about 5 pm that i was finished. A 8 hr smoke. I would have liked to smoke it at a little lower temp for a hour to two longer but being a small piece of meat and crude methods of controlling my heat, the meat got up to temp a little sooner than planned. But i think it will be fine. Pulled the meat out at 160*

I wrapped it up and stuck it in the fridge to sit over night and i will slice it up tomorrow.  If this comes out really good, im going to the store to get a couple bigger eyes to start. I did small peice to see how it would go. So far so good. Here is the Qview!

Out of the cure and rinsed off ready to sit overnight.


Into the smoker it goes!


Smokin for a while.


Finished and ready to be sliced tomorrow night.


The endind weight was 1.65 lbs so i lost a little of the weight during the curing and smoking process.

I will post sliced pics tomorrow!


It sure looks good to me. You really should buy you one of those new fangled probe thermo meter thingies.
For the meat, or the smoker. I have a remote thermo, but it took a dump during a smoke and i ended up burning food. So id rather go the old fashion route and know im right. Its been working good for me.
Great job XJC !!!

You already know how good it looks and smells,

Wait until you taste that stuff!

If you (or anyone else who uses these directions) have trouble changing your temp in small increments, just keep it at 165˚ longer next time, or any temp below 180˚ for awhile---And I know there will be a next time once you taste that stuff.

Got my dried beef sliced tonight and tried some peices, Ive never had dried beef other than in SOS, so i think its great. I saved some in the fridge for sandwiches and vacuumed some and stuck in the freezer. I will definately be doing more of this very soon. Here is the sliced pic.

looks great.!  I have never tried dried beef other than jerky!  I might have to give that a try.

thanks for sharing
Its hard to describe the meat, it has a dry texture, but it is still moist. Does that make sense?
Its hard to describe the meat, it has a dry texture, but it is still moist. Does that make sense?

LOL---Makes sense to me.

Great Job XJC !!!

The good thing is, you could keep it in the smoker at like about 140˚ for hours & hours longer, and not worry about drying it out too much.

The store bought stuff is much drier than that---I think some kind of rules they have to follow.

The more moist it is, the less time you want to keep it thawed out.

Some of them even pack it in vacuum jars, and set them on room temp shelves in the store.

Yummy isn't it?

Made a sammy for out of it for part of my dinner last night to go along with my fattie. The dried beef sammy was very delicious! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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