First catering job HELP!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smokedout13, May 17, 2016.

  1. smokedout13

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    Hello all

    I have been hired to cook a few meats and sides for 150-200 people. I will be smoking the pulled pork on my ys640, chicken on my new 3'X4' santa maria grill. I am good to go on my pulled pork I just a have a few questions on the chicken. Does anyone have any suggestions on lb per person or cut of chicken? Brine? Seasoning?

    Thank you
  2. lancep

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    Leg quarters would work and give a nice presentation but you would probably want one per person. which could be a bit cumbersome. Another option that would also score you some points for originality would be to jerk whole chickens. In that case 10-20 should get you there and might be a bit more manageable. How long till the job?
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I would do thighs. Serve them whole or make it into pulled chicken. Just like pork I'd figure on a 1/3# per person. You don't loose as much weight when cooking thighs as you do with pork butt, so it's pretty close to what you start with. You could also figure 1-2 (2 for those not eating the pork) per person with sides. Thighs are very forgiving and easy to grill. For a brine/marinade give this a look. It's a great recipe and everyone will rave about it.
  4. I would go with quarters for that many people. You can find quarters for half the price for thighs. I've injected the quarters...2 to 3 shots is all you need.

    Good luck
  5. smokedout13

    smokedout13 Smoke Blower

    Awesome thanks for the advice so far. The event won't be held until the middle of July so I have some time to prepare. Would you recommend staying away from breasts do to having a greater chance of drying out?
  6. sqwib

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    I use thighs and breasts for pulled chicken, Serving size depends on how you are preparing the chicken. We just did a luncheon and mad a Chicken Chili that is fantastic, the wife made it and only used breasts, it was  a real crowd pleaser.

    You could partially smoke then place in a roaster pan or crocks cook for hours. Plus you can extend it with carrots, beans, corn, celery, etc... We cooked it for 140-150 folks but only had about 110 folks.

  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Breasts are easier to dry out, and if you have to hold them they dry out faster unless you do what SQWIB mentions.

    Keep your eyes peeled on Cash and Carry, you can get some good deals on meat. I buy 100% of my meat there these days. There are two up the road from you in Salem.
  8. 3montes

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    Have you considered turkey breasts instead of chicken? They are larger and cheaper. I brine mine first usually overnight in a low salt brine that uses apple cider and not water as a base. I have made 60 to 70lbs of turkey breasts at a time and everyone loves them especially the ladies. It's the perfect second or third meat in a menu.
  9. hardcookin

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    I would do pulled pork & pulled chicken.
    Pulled chicken I use boneless thighs & breasts - 70% thighs 30% breasts. I would brine the chicken.
    I also like brining split chicken beasts for smaller cooks. Brining them helps keep them moist.
    Your brine can just be something simple...water,apple juice, brown sugar,salt and maple syrup.

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