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  1. I know there are other butt threads on here but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to jack someone's thread or start my own. So I decided on my own. I am going to smoke a 5-6# boneless butt this weekend and a 4# chicken at the same time. I have the Smoke hollow 4in1. I have smoked before on it and noticed one side is hotter than the other so I have a couple questions. I'm trying to figure which one should go first the chicken or pork? Also someone made the suggestion that I stuff  conecuh sausage inside the butt. Any of you ever done this? I've never smoked a butt so temp preferences and any other help would be appreciated.
  2. Your butt is going to take far longer than your chicken, so start with that.  An 8 lb. bone-in butt at 250 (a good target temp) takes me 12+ hours unless foiled.  Foiling reduces my cook times to 9-10 hours. You want to get your butt up to an internal temp of 195-200. Can't comment on stuffing with sausage -- never done it.

    Chicken should go at a slightly higher temp, so put that on the hot side, preferably 275-300.  How long your chicken takes depends on how you're cooking it. I like to either spatchcock or halve it, in which case it takes around 90 minutes.
  3. My family doesn't like a lot of bark so can i cook it until It has the look i want then foil it? As far as the chicken goes what does spatchcock mean? As far as stuffing it i was told to just put a whole dead center with a knife and put the sausage in. I think I'm going to skip stuffing the sausage and just smoke it as well.
  4. As for foiling when you want, I would think so but you will be sacrificing some smoke flavor. Pretty sure not liking bark is some form of heresy, though. [​IMG]  

    Spatchcock is butterflying.  Cut out the backbone with meat scissors, then flip it over and flatten it with the palm of your hand pressing on the breastbone.
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    Keep us posted.
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  6. Ah ok. I'll have to try that with the chicken. I also agree the smoke flavor is what I want as well! That's more or less what I was thinking. Smoke the butt then when it's almost done throw the chicken on. I'll have a couple hours after i take the butt off to finish cooking the chicken. Thanks guys I'll keep you updated.
  7. Well everything turned out great smoked the butt till 160 then put it in a foil pan until 205 then wrapped it tight and set it in the cooler for an hour. It was good and moist. I decide to just cook the chicken whole and turned out great everyone loved it.
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    Glad it turned out great Jeff! Gotta love all these people backing you up on your first butt...what makes this place so special. :)
  9. Yeah all the advice I got and very quickly. It was very nice. I was telling everybody about it this weekend.

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