First butt in the new pellet pooper. (With pics!)

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  1. Hey everyone...haven't been around in a long while, but have been smoking.   I recently stumbled across what amounted to a half off clearance deal on a new pellet pooper, so I couldn't resist - paid $600 for a CS450 that normally retails for about $1200 up here..   I sold my stick burner (I just don't have the time to babysit it anymore, as much as I loved what it produced), and my vertical charcoal and electric now stare in envy at the new Louisiana Grills CS450.    I like the fact it was made right here in North America, as well.  :)

    I've had it for a few weeks now.   I've poked at it with all the run of the mill stuff - steak, pork chops, spatchcocked chicken, and yes, even burgers.  It definitely had a small learning curve but I've come to love it already.   We also made pizza in it a week or so back and it was to die for as well.

    So with a nice weekend in the forecast and friends already invited for dinner, I decided to try my first butt in it today.    

    I'm following this sticky post by Meowy for my cook:

    I started prepping last night and got the butt prepared and rubbed, then wrapped her up.

    Now, I will admit, today was the first day in 3 (count em, THREE) weeks that I had absolutely positively nothing that I needed to get out of bed early for..and what do I do?  I buy a 9 pound port butt that needs at least 12-13 hours on the smoker as I figure at the crack of 6AM my alarm is blaring in my ear.    Urggghhh...   On the deck in my undies to hit the power button on the 450 for preheat, and back to the kitchen to get the beast out of the fridge.

    Last night, rubbed profusely all prepped and back into the fridge for the night.


    The 450 all preheated and ready to go, still bloody dark outside.   The things we do for smoked meat!

    And on she goes, with plenty of TBS to be had.   I also have my tube smoker lit on the right hand side with some additional cherry in there

    I'll be updating with more pics through the day.   :)
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  2. Looks Fantastic so far!
  3. OK, question for the experts – at a little over 2 hours in I'm already up to 90° on the meat probe already.

    My cook temperature is set at about 210, confirmed by the digital as well as the analogue on the lid.

    It seems to me that I'm ahead of where I should be from a temperature perspective...and although I don't want to be eating in the dark tonight, I would rather not have it ready hours before we planned dinner as well.

    So, looking for advice from the experts - am I just too concerned here? I know when I reach the plateau I may suddenly grow concerned the other way, however being my first in-depth cook on this new pellet machine it's all a learning experience.
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  4. Updated que-view, 3 hours in. ;)

  5. I'm far from an expert, but I wouldn't be concerned if I were you. 210° isn't that high at all. I do shoulder/butts mostly and they all act differently. Some heat fast and stall, some slow and hardly any stall. 

  6. inkjunkie

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    12-13 hours? Turn the temp up to 300 and get that thing done....
  7. As per the guide I linked to, I'm simply following the directions that seem to have brought so many other success – following the temperature and 1.5 hours per pound guideline, yes I am of the understanding I should expect around 12 hours?
  8. ats32

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    I know it's not "normal" but I run my smoker at 250F for pork butts/shoulders, briskets, and ribs. I run it even higher for poultry.

    I agree with the above posters- crank it up!!! If you are nervous about any lost moisture wrap it in foil after 4-5 hours of smoke and add a cup of beer, stock, or water. 
  9. muralboy

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    congrats on the new grill.  great find.  good luck on the cook.  cant wait to see final outcome. 
  10. seenred

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    First off,congrats on that new rig!  Those LGs have some very nice features.  I'd say it's too early to be overly concerned about it getting done too soon...I've done lots of butts where the IT shot up quickly, but then the stall happened and everything slowed down.  In a few hours you'll have a better picture of whether you gonna hit your target on time.  If it looks like it might get done hours early, don't worry too can foil it, towel-wrap it, and place it in a dry cooler for up to several hours and it'll still be hot when you pull it.

    And as others have mentioned, if it looks like it might not be done by your target time, you can always crank up the cook temp, as well as foil wrap it during the stall to speed the cook along.

    All looks good to me so far...good luck and keep the qview coming!  [​IMG]

  11. inkjunkie

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    Last few butts we did we set our BGE at 300*. No stall. Was about 45 [email protected] Same flavor, same juicy meat....we don't use a drip pan, still very moist. Neither one of us is a fan of real thick, crusty bark....using the "turbo" method we still get bark, but it is thinner and not like chewing g on rubber.
    Next brisket we do will be done at 300* as well. Need to find the directions someone sent me. The claim is this higher temp brisket is the same way some well known smoke house in Texas uses...
    Nothing wrong with doing a butt the way you are. We have done several that way as well. Just don't like getting up at odarkthirty.
    Another trick that several fine folks of this forum helped me with....
    If your butt is done way to early after letting it rest the couple of necessary hours shred it and put it in a crock pot, along with some liquid....we used apple juice to keep it warm. Couple of butts we done like this were out of this world.
    Sorry for rambling....enjoy your Pulled Pork
  12. Thanks for the advice everybody, I'm just out getting ingredients for a fatty at this point now too, might as will go for the full coronary tonight. And impress the guests, lol.

    I'm going to dance the dance for the next few hours and try to time things so that it's done just in time for dinner, it sounds like I'm safe to accelerate towards the end if necessary, correct? I'd rather accelerate vs go too fast now and have to crockpot it for hours...even though I know that's not going to be overly detrimental.

    Thanks for the reassurance everyone, as well. I'll post some more que-view when I'm back home shortly. :)
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  13. 5 hours in. Internal temp 140. Smoker still set at 225.
  14. ats32

    ats32 Smoking Fanatic

    Another unofficial rule of thumb is every time you open your smoker you might as well add an hour to your cook time,  [​IMG]
  15. ats32

    ats32 Smoking Fanatic

    I decided to join your party! 

  16. My Louisiana smoker is built like a Sherman tank, it retains heat incredibly well and a quick flip of the door here in there to just check on things results in minimal temperature loss… And it's completely regained within a few minutes.

    Metal mass makes the difference. My old master built electric smoker, I can totally relate – it would take quite a while to get back up to temperature after the door was opened. No metal mass, and anemic electric power.
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  17. The fatty nearing completion. It's in the fridge now. :)
  18. Fell into a meat coma at diner time and never got back with the rest of the pics.

    And about 1/3 of the butts yield.

    The butt when it finished. Took about 10 hours all in, it was ready early, but I let it rest for an hour while the fatty finished.

    For those who say you can't get a good smoke ring with a pellet grill....I present this!

    The fatty as it came off the smoker:

    Fatty as it cut...another awesome smoke ring!

    All in all a total success. Everything tasted awesome, and I'll now declare that I just used generic heating grade (but food safe, I checked) pellets available up here that cost a whole $5 for a 40# bag. I think I burned about 75c worth of pellets yesterday all in all. :)
  19. muralboy

    muralboy Smoking Fanatic

    Very nice smoke ring on everything.  Bet it's as tasty as it looks.
  20. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Both the fatty and the pulled pork look delicious...very nicely done!  



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