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First build/80 gallon RF

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by Poppy1611, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Poppy1611

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    I have a small light vertical smoker that I got for Christmas and I have gotten addicted to smoking. I want to build something bigger. I've read several posts on here including the in depth tutorial. I have two old air compressor tanks, one 80 gallon and one 60. I'm thinking use the 80 for the main cooking chamber and the 60 attached with the lower portion being the fire box and the upper portion for a warming area.

    I have a few questions though. I know the rf plate needs to be angled and have a drain, but how thick should the plate be?

    The way I've got it drawn there would be about 4" between the rf plate and my cooking rack. Is that OK?

    Would the smoke stack work the way I have it drawn in the second picture?

    If I put an opening from the main cooking chamber into the warming area could I cook in that area?

    Any other thoughts or pointers are greatly appreciated as well.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] 20190314_134137~2.jpg 20190314_134207~2.jpg
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  2. I’m not a pit builder, however I’ve been around a long time and have seen a lot of designs. I think your okay with your design. The only thing I would add is an extra exhaust on top of your warmer.
    Just to be able to have that Extra flow if you need it. I’m assuming you will be able to open and close them for adjustment? If the original stack doesn’t work close it and leave the other open. I would also go with a 1/4 diverter plate. Also with the exhaust in the warmer, you may get it hot enough with adjustments to cook in it.
    I once saw a smoker that with a similar design that had a knife gate directly above the firebox and that would get the heat up there Fast.
    Again I don’t have an engineering background, just my opinion.
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