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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mike281, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. mike281

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    Before I get into what I'm doing, I'd like to give a thank you to everyone who contributed to the "lets talk brisket" thread. I read every page of that and I'm hoping that it has prepared me enough that my first brisket will be a success!

    I started with a choice packer that I picked up at my local albertsons on sale for $1.99/lb

    Then I trimmed some of the fat and wet it with Worcestershire sauce and rubbed with SPG+ about 1 tsp each chili powder, paprika and brown sugar

    I had read much about the debate of fat up or fat down. I decided to do fat down but I also put some fat trimmings on the rack above to hopefully render down and auto-baste during the smoke. I set my MES 40 to 250 degrees and loaded it with hickory and now I wait until it gets done

    I will update as the meat progresses
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  2. tropics

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    [​IMG]  I.m in
  3. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    3 hours in and the internal temperature is reading 117 F

    It smells amazing and looks great too

  4. smokinal

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    Great start!

  5. I just did my first brisket this past weekend too. Yours looks good. Let us know how it turned out.
  6. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    Thanks for the comments. I'll keep updating as I go.

    It's at 155 IT right now. The surface is still moist so I won't foil yet.

  7. Here are a couple pictures of my first try.

  8. Sure wish we could find brisket for the price you did. We're usually between $5.40-$7.00/lbs.
  9. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    Looks like it turned out pretty well.  I am hoping mine will finish soon enough tonight that if it is good I will go pick up another brisket to throw in the freezer.  The sale ends today and the usual price at my local walmart is $3/lb for select so $2/lb for choice is pretty hard to refuse.
  10. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    Wrapped it in foil at 167 IT

  11. Looking good.
  12. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    Thanks! I turned off the smoker at 196 IT. People say a toothpick should go in like butter. I used a kebab skewer and it had just a little resistance. I'm hoping to it will be enough that slices won't crumble. The brisket is resting now inside the turned off smoker since I don't want to mess with a cooler and towels. Should give a similar effect I hope. Next time I post will be a picture of the finished product sliced. I can't wait! :drool
  13. How did it come out? Curious to see how it came out after letting it rest in the smoker, how long did you let it rest for? I'm sure it was great!
  14. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    It turned out really well. I only let it rest about 45 minutes, but I should have left it longer. What can I say...I was hungry! It was just a bit more firm than I would prefer but still juicy and delicious.

  15. jcbigler

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    That brisket looks weird to me. It's kind of splotchy pink/grey. Did you put anything else in the rub?
  16. patg

    patg Meat Mopper

    Looks great!
  17. Looks good to me. Just FYI,  I like to check the temp in a number of places before I pull it off. You may have been less than 196 at most of it, hence the firmness. I also like my brisket really pliable and I fine going to around 200* is a good temp. 
  18. mike281

    mike281 Newbie

    Those pictures were from today after it sat sliced overnight.  I think the splotchy parts were from where air migrated through between the muscles and oxidized it unevenly.  After I sliced a few more rows deep the color was consistent. It was more a whitish grey last night when I cut it, but I forgot to take pics.

    In general it was only too hard on the thin end of the flat.  As I moved more toward the point it was softer.  I was taking the temperature in about the thickest part of it.  I think it just needed a little more rest time.  

    I read on here that when I poke it it should be like poking butter, but I took it off when there was a very little resistance still because I was afraid I would cook it to the point when it crumbles when you slice it which is not something I like.  As I had never cooked one of these before I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. Now I know, so I expect my next one to be better.  That said I was still quite happy with this one. 
  19. Cool. Yeah, closer to the point is a bit softer and the best part of the flat. Likely due to being under (or over) point. 
  20. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    That brisket needed some more cooking. To reach full potential of that fine piece of meat.

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