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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by aaronsnow, May 5, 2013.

  1. aaronsnow

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    Well I'm tackling my first brisket today, just a 3 pounder.  I bought a Green Mountain Grill this week and have been having fun with it ever since.  I have the brisket sitting on the dry rub until we return home from church.  My question is, do you guys mostly mop or spray?  I could probably spray with apple juice, worcestershire and bourbon...but didn't know what the consensus was with brisket.  

    Cooking at 225 until 200-205 internal temp

    Wrapped up with dry rub:

    Teaser of chickens, salsa veggies and almonds from yesterday:

  2. daveomak

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    Aaron, morning....  I smoke/cook them just like you have yours....  Others mop and/or spray with juice... apple, orange etc... 

    Opening the smoker slows down the cooking process....   Try your first as-is and make changes next time based on the flavor of this one....  At a temp of 205-210, the meat will almost fall apart, which is good if you want to pull it... 190 ish, it will still be tender but will slice better....  Are you planning on foiling at 160 ish and then bringing up to final temp ???   that will hold in more moisture...  At times I do that... other times I finish without foil....

    50 folks will give you 50 different methods of cooking.... It all depends on personal preference and taste...   Bride braised a brisket the other day in a BBQ sauce smothered with onions and garlic and Bourbon.... It totally fell apart and was used in sammies....  

  3. seenred

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    Sounds like you're off to a good start, Aaron!  Like Dave, I don't usually mop/spritz a brisket, but just leave it alone and let it do its thing.  Keep us posted...

  4. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Little bit of a late start this afternoon, but with how small it is should be done by dinner. Firing up the smoker now.

    Going to place fat side down and after the previous advice may pull at 195.

    Will add pics and final thoughts. Thanks guys.
  5. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Just put some potatoes on, it's at about 130 degrees and not quite as dark as I thought it would be by now. Perhaps I was too conservative with the dry rub.
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  6. kcphilaflyer

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    it's all personal preference, but in my opinion with brisket, I'd rather go too light than too heavy, you don't want the rub to overpower the brisket flavor, and with a small flat like that i would be easy to overrub, at least I know I did a couple times when I did my first flat.
  7. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Yeah, hoping to "perfect" it before moving up to do a large brisket. Next time I might try injecting .

    Thought this might be done for dinner but I'm just now at the 170 degree stall.
  8. aaronsnow

    aaronsnow Fire Starter

    Well I pulled it at 190, foiled and let it rest in towels for two hours. Tasty, but really I would call this just "ok". Moist but a bit chewy, the dry rub made a nice outer ring though.

    I actually blame the cut of meatused for the mediocre review, not by any means a choice cut.

    Even still, good enough for a couple lunches this week and maybe chop up for tacos.

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