First brisket goes on in the morning!!! My Rub Recipe for brisket.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mag409, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. mag409

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    Well had so much fun doing a variety last weekend, I decided to do a brisket tomorrow.  Getting up at 4:30 again to start the smoke.  I'll have to take pics in the morning of the brisket all rubbed down.  I mixed up a rub that is similar to what I use on my prime rib.  Always get lots of compliments on the prime rib so figured it should work good on the brisket.  Here is the recipe for my Rib Roast Rub.

    1 TBS Course Kosher Salt

    1 TBS Chili Powder

    1 TSP Thyme, sometimes more depending on how it tastes to me.

    1/2 TSP Cayenne Powder

    1 TSP Onion Powder

    1 TSP Granulated Garlic

    1 TSP Cumin

    1/2 TSP Mustard Powder

    1 TBS Course ground Black Pepper

    My plan for a sauce is the same as with my Prime Rib.  Skim and reduce pan drippings by half, add some Kitchen Boutique (browning sauce) and a touch of worchestire sauce. S&P to taste.  I will add beef broth if necessary, but prefer not too.

    Looking forward to it. 
  2. captturbo

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    Nothing like smoked brisket. I have done four of them so far and seem to do better each time. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. smokinal

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    Good start!
  4. tprice

    tprice Fire Starter

    Great sounding rub, like brown sugar in mine

    Look forward to the pics
  5. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Is it done yet??
  6. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

  7. mag409

    mag409 Fire Starter

    Well the smoke went well.  Only pic I have is some leftover brisket on a sammie.  I was busy in the shop when it got sliced up and they gratiously left me enough for one sandwhich.  Toasted roll and provolone to top it off.  The rub was very tasty.  Enjoy the one and only pic.

  8. oldschoolbbq

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        Yeah,ain't that the shankys, you toil all that time to get you a good Brisky done - up and the (Buzzards) dedcend upon the prize and before you know it,you only get a taste of a really good looking job.[​IMG]. Heads up though,there are more of these wonderful cuts of Beef to prepare,so practice some more next time[​IMG].

        Have fun and...
  9. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Look's like you need a lock on the smoker, at least you got a morsel. [​IMG]
  10. africanmeat

    africanmeat Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It looks to me as a good Sammie
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks Great Mag !!!

    LOL----Looks like what I have done before-----Make a real nice neat sammy with cheese on top.

    Then melt the cheese (I nuke it).

    Then remember to take a picture, and your nice neat contents sticks to the top half of the roll !!!!!

    Still looks mighty tasty!!!


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