finding a 9mm cork for a cooler

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Dec 17, 2019
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get5ting ready for the gathering i noticed one of my ancient cools was leaking profusely where i had plagged it with n old whittled cork. We ned all our coolers for the trip this weekend so on my weely trip to lowes I ytacked down an assosciate and asked wheere can i find a 9mm rubber stopper or cork in the fastener aisle.
He asked, "you need exactly 9mm?" so i showed him this:

IMG_4856.JPG IMG_4856.JPG
Lowes should have all sizes of rubber and cork .
Or just pop off a round and use the casing and silicone to make your own . Lol .
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It looks like you have a 9 mm cork, and a fine conversation starter as well. Maybe swap it for a fired case, and you could trim it with a hacksaw if you don’t want your ‘cork’ to protrude so far.
Use a rubber cork. Harbor junk sells a small kit with various sizes. I lost caps to gas cans I used for motorcycle racing,
and I use them...still after 20yrs. No issues.

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