Finally gave smoked burgers a try

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Original poster
Sep 30, 2016
South central PA
Picked up some ground beef on special and decided to make my first smoked burgers. I just used Worcestershire sauce and Season All and then put cheese into the patty. Fired up the WSM and put in one piece apple and hickory. Took about two hours to get them around 157 IT when I took them off.

The Mrs prepared some fixings and macaroni salad, and we were in business. Sorry for the minimal amount of pictures...I was dying to try them and they were amazing. Definitely the best burger I had in a long time!



This last pic is after a few bites, and I understand what the hype about doing this, fatties, etc. is all about. Definitely will do this again. Thanks for looking!
Might have to try that, Gary. The family loves onion. I forgot one thing: HUGE shoutout to my daughter for helping me prep the burgers by putting the cheese on while I was patting the patties. She’s home for visiting college friends (she’s currently living in Long Island) and I don’t see her like I used to so it was time well spent.
Those look great! Smoked burgers are awesome! Very underrated in my opinion.

And Gary French onion soup is great in meatloaf so I’m sure it’s great in burgers!

Burgers look really good from over here. Next up is the beer can burger it's like the masters degree of smoked burgers.

Point for sure.
There’s nothing like a juicy burger with a smoke ring. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Yours look fantastic. If you like meatloaf, you have to try smoking one. Good job!
I let the smoker ride around 225 according to the built in thermometer. I’ve found my thermometer to be close to spot on at times (comparing with my other thermometers) and off as much as 30 degrees at other times. I still was checking the burger temps with a separate thermometer.
Oh yea!
Good looking burger!!
When you get the opportunity, grind up a brisket for burgers!
It's a whole other level of burgerness!!!
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