Brisket burgers with the new grinder.

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Dec 7, 2017
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Thanks to tx smoker tx smoker for the prize (meat grinder) from the Labor Day Throwdown, I decided to make some brisket burgers. I’ve always wanted to try them just never had a grinder to make my own. Now that I did I started out with a 8.5lb brisket from Costco and after reading on here how to go about it, I cut it in strips then down into cubes and froze for about 45 min prior to grinding.




Then got to grinding.


Made them into burgers. And one mini one for the little dude. Only used salt and pepper bc I didn’t want to over complicate them to see how they were on their own the first time.


On to the kettle with some dogs and brats to pair them with.



And the final shot. I usually make my burger spread for burgers. But I wanted to keep these simple to see the difference. And man were they good.


Thanks for looking and thanks again tx smoker tx smoker and everyone who helps with the throw downs


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Try grinding 20% raw bacon with 80% brisket for some awesome burgers. Also grind it twice, it helps mix the meat and fat more evenly.

Oh that sounds good. Running it through twice was the plan. But to my fault, after the last batch went through the meat kinda thawed out so I pulled it apart to clear it out and somehow lost the atctual grinding blade. We looked for it for about an hour and it disappeared haha. So ordered a replacement and only got to send it through the one time. 😂
So awesome! Now you are ready for making sausages!!

Sausage is next on the list I’m pumped.
Don't they look good...

Couldn't help but notice... Awful lot of charcoal for a few burgers and dogs ...
It was. I used a whole chimney should have used closer to 1/2 or 3/4. I’m terrible with loading too much. Especially for a cook like this.
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I just ground up 3 lbs of trimmings this weekend. I have never had brisket burgers either, those look amazing. Do they taste like brisket? Im really looking forward to sparking them up, (maybe this week) I found the brisket meat really dense, had to cut it into thinner strips than pork butt.

Thanks for the look👍
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Couldn't help but notice... Awful lot of charcoal for a few burgers and dogs ...
Since cheap charcoal a thing of the past I have found it really does not take much. I hardly ever use more than 1/2 chimney anymore and just 1/3 for most things. I would love to have a gravity smoker but just cost to much to run.
So cool to see you using and enjoying the prize you worked very hard for. Congrats once again!! A whole new world has opened up for you. Just for giggles, you may want to try something that our good friend sawhorseray sawhorseray does. He combines 60% brisket with 40% pork for his burgers and calls them Hipshot Burgers. I did some Brats not long ago with this combination and they are fantastic.
So awesome! Now you are ready for making sausages!!
That's what I told him!!

Nicely done.
Brisket is cheaper than ground beef a lot of the time.
That is what I have been doing.
After seeing yours, I might have to take some out of the freezer. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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