Fatty ?

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May 23, 2007
I was wondering if anybody did a fatty with something other then breakfast sausage. The wifey found a deal on Bob Evans 1# tubes of sausage. I am going to do 2 that are Italian sausage and one that is their Hot and Spicey. Looking a stuffing the hot and spicey with some of my pickled jalapenos.
Also doing a meatloaf for sandwiches!

I was just curious if anybody tried it and how they turned out.

Thanks in advance! Gotta love this forum!!
I was looking for good fatty recipes on here the other night and saw someone had filled italian sausage with onions & peppers and I think some mozz and sauce... that looked awesome! I was drooling... sorry I don't remember which esteemed member it was, but man - they do some nice work!

Edit: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ighlight=fatty here is the post it was Vulcan75001 using an idea from Bubba.

- Anthony
Thanks Anthony! That's just what I wanted to hear! I haven't decided what I'm going to stuff the Italian with yet! I was thinking onion, pepperoni and mozz...a pizza fatty!
Saute any veggies you are going to add and don't feel limited by what you can add or do with a Fatty....
Thanks Anthony!! OMG I'm ready to leave work and do the smoke today after seeing that fatty!

Thanks Watery Eyes! Didn't think about sauteing them first. I've been dieing to try one of these!!
Look what you guys have created! Just got off the phone with my wife and now I'm also smoking a turkey and cheese!! Guess I'm going to have to fire up both smokers!!! I can hardly wait!!!
See what happens? Now you're addicted!

We are SMF. Resistance is futile.
Hi my names Mark and I have a smoking problem!!!! Yup can't get enough!!!

LMAO HawgHeaven! Yep I just can't fight it!!
My little brother works as a butcher at one of the local markets and they recently came out with a jalapeno sausage that I'm going to try as a home-rolled fattie and stuff some raw into some jalapeno peppers w/some cheese for some killer ABT's.
That sounds good Dutch! I'm doing the hot and spicey with my pickled jalapeno's in it! I'll get some pics and let you know how it turns out!!
I've used Italian sausage and stuffed them with peppers and onions and cheese and it was fantastic!

You can use any sausage you can get the meat loose from.
Well tried it out this weekend! Didn't put the peppers in the italian sausage one...for the kids....but the next one they are going in! Had a few problems with the temp. I've got to do some mods but everything came out good. Also found out my instant read thermometer took a dive. Dried out the turkey a little since I couldn't get the internal temp above 140....I knew it was above that!!!

Gonna have to appologize though....no pics this time! The photog...Me...had a golf outing Sat morn and ended up a little pickled! Got the food started late so when everybody came buy they tore into it as soon as I sat it on the table!!

The spicy sausage with the jalapenos in the center with the sharp cheddar were absolutely kick butt! The meatloaf was to die for! Never had on that

Woke up on Sunday....checked the firebox and it was still hot...oh thats right some one was pickled and poured way to much charcoal in the box the last time he stoked it....oh that's right it was me.... Either way it gave me a start to smoke some cheese. After that was done I took the extra rolls of the hot and spicey (3) and through them on the smoker without doing anything to them!!! WOW!! I forgot we also through biscuits in that fell out of the fridge and decided to open themselves right in the firebox on some foil!! They were pretty good with a piece of that hot sausage on it!!!

Well just wanted to say thanks to all!! Next time I swear I'll get ya some pics!!!!!
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