Fatty Help!!!

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Original poster
Jul 4, 2007
OK, I bought a rack of spare ribs and am going to try the 3-2-1 method tomorrow, and bought a couple of Jimmy Dean regular sausage rolls to boot. My plan is to throw them on the smoker, which will be kept around 225 per the instructions for the ribs.

The rolls I bought are the smaller ones (like 1 pounders I think). I will have two of them, may throw on some rub. Will 225 be an acceptable heat to cook these fellers on?? I will have stuffed jalepenos on the end of the smoker (see other thread by me). I will try to post some pics of this disaster afterwards. If I do not post, then I either burnt down the house, or the meat was so horrible and not cooked right i am lying in the hospital with some sort of food born illness.
That temp will be fine for the FATTY, I also do the 1lb size. If your doing them plan just roll them in your favorite rub, put them on and leave them alone, I leave mine on for about 2 1/2 hrs at that temp
I usually cook mine at 230º for about 2 hours so you might have to cook them like Blackhawks says for at least 2.5 hours @ that temp. Sometimes I use a rub sometimes I don't. I mostly just throw them on the smoker naked. Once i wrapped them in bacon but it seemed to impede the amount of smoke that got into the sausage.

Things should be fine. Do you have a thermometer?
Yes I do!!! Finally started cookin with one when I grill pork, and I noticed my pork (whatever I am cooking) started turning out awesome instead of like dried leather, when I just guessed. I got sick on under-cooked pork once, and thats all it took for me to be a freak about it.
I love fattys!!! Every smoke I throw 1 or2 on. Depending on the size I usually cook them at 225 for 2 hrs. Never had a prob. larger ones 4-8 lbs i cook for 3 hrs.
Your right spot on for the temp. When I did my first fatty I did it for 2 or 2.5 hrs but I did have a thermo stuck in it to tell me when it was done. Mine was plain and naked (nothing inside and no rub) and still tasted wonderful...anyhow...you should be just fine...as gypsyseagod, Blackhawk19 and everyone else stated...
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