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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey there,I just smoked my first fattie today,along with a couple of chickens.The fatties are great,I'm in hog heaven.
dacdots, when I smoked my first fatty my Bride had that "What are your up too now?" look on her face. Saturday I took a pound and a half of mild Italian sausage (bulk) and "rolled my own". I threw it on the ECB and Sunday morning I used it to make sausage omlettes. MMMMmmm boy did they taste good.
Amen, Brothers!

I'd never smoked a fattie before joining this forum. But now... I haven't done a weekend smoke without at least 2 or 3 fatties in the box all summer long!

Doing a little searching on this forum, and I thought I'd come out and ask a question.

I'm glad Jeff (FL) got you all hooked on the fatties. He and I go back a little while in another forum.

But have you guys tried "skinnies"? I know them by a different name, but it is probably not appropriate, so let's call them "skinnies" for lack of a better term.

Regular little Johnsonville breakfast sausages. Nothing special. Just smoke them. About an hour in the hot spot, and pop them off while your cooking the real food.

Smoke them 45 minutes in a not so hot spot, the shove them into a cored Jalepeno that has a litte cheese in the bottom. Then smoke the whole thing.

This past weekend, I wrapped each in a half slice bacon, in the hot spot for an hour and change till the bacon was done. Went down like butter, all gone in 60 seconds.

You need to experiment, because some brands have a tougher skin than others. I prefer the Johnsonville over the Jimmy Dean or "house" brands.


Edited so as not to inflate post count:
I have also had these on biscuits cooked in both a smoker and an oven. Great snack for an all day cook.
I have a motto

Nothing goes better with pork, than pork

Bacon wrapped fatty with bacon wrapped pork loin riblets

Did someone say fatty burger?

(Yes, I had blue hair 33 years ago when I made this plate in 1st grade)
Wow, I just ate and I'm hungry.

I just noticed something.

Look at the shrinkage on those bonless riblets.

Just noticed that now.
When I first saw that first photo I thought that was a fattie surrounded by it's cousins the breakfast link sausages. Then when I saw the bottom photo I saw that they were riblets.
I tried to post the breakfast links, but I think it was over 250K

I'll do that today.

its 7:30am and I'm now hungry again
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