Fastest smoke I have ever done.

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Apr 24, 2010
Colorado Springs
I put on a 17 lb brisket and two 9 lb pork shoulders at 12 last night and they were up to temp this morning at 0700
The thick part of the brisket was 192 the thin part of the brisket was 202 and both pork shoulders were at 193. Normally they take 12 to 14 hrs. Smoker temp was at 225 when I went to bed and the same when I got up. The temp outside was about 45 to 50 deg. I have never had them cook so fast.
Test the Therm. That timing is right for 325°F not 225. If one of those went fast I would agree with Al, it happens, but ALL of them going 45 minutes per pound, 30 per for the Brisket, would be a miracle...JJ
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