Farewell my faithfull Smoke House

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smoke dawg

Fire Starter
Original poster
Dec 29, 2010
Smoked some great food today in my smoke house I have been using for about 10 years.

Everything else was done and out and the pork shoulders were just reaching 160° when the smoke house caught fire :-(

First time I have ever bragged about my smoking and for the final act, I go down in flames.

Guess I will have to move on to the next smoker / smoke house. I am thinking custom!

Good news is everyone is OK and......................................I saved the ham!

No action pictures cause I was busy playing fire marshal Bill. Will get a good look in the daylight tomorrow.
I did take a picture when everything was fine....................... 15 minutes later, all hell broke loose. I had a hose near by but the dam thing was frozen, had to run and get another one.


Ï'll miss Her


The last pork

Well may it rest in peace. For all the memoirs that you had smoking all that great food that it produced.

Did you atleast brake out the marshmellows and roast a few over the burning ambers????
Dang Dawg- I feel for ya on this one. We used to have a couple of commercial smokehouses (one made of planked wood and the other all steel). Well-one night the wood smokehouse went up in flames and we had about $500 worth of salmon on the racks. Everyting was a total loss.  We did however rebult her better than she was.

So think of you unfortunate fire as Mother Natures way of giving you a do-over. Keep the things that you liked and change the things that you didn't like and build you a smoker that will do what you want it too.
Got a better look in the daylight. Mostly the inner plywood except on back corner taht I knew I had to rebuild this spring and the roof was single wall. I'll decide what to do as I pull the burnt inner walls off and examine the structure.

for all of you newbs.............this is not TBS!


glad no one was hurt.................
 ......................................I saved the ham!
Well @%&*#!!  Good news is, you already have a terrifice source to help you build your new smokehouse.  There was a real nice looking one posted just recently, I think from one of the Bellingham area guys, but not NWDave.  We're all rooting for ya, and look forward to seeing you and your smoker rise from the ashes!!  A toast to all the good food and times she gave ya. 
on the serious side, i agree with earlier post glad no one was injured. on the other side i would say your using way to much wood

i hear a slight blue smoke is all that is needed for a great smoke.....
Damn Dawg  I am deeply sorry for your loss! But take with you the great times you had together and the joy it not only brought you but to all the people that you love and hold dear. No one was hurt, the ham was saved and now it is time to move to the next stage of your smoking life. So move..move forward and God speed!

Dang Dawg, that gives a whole new meaning to Smoke House... Sorry for the loss...
Thanks everyone. Yes There are many memories and great food that came from that smoke house. We do have a sfb and a ecb to get us through until she is rebuilt.
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