Extra layer of fat and meat sometimes on spareribs?

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 2, 2014
In my area I usually have to buy cryovac multi-packs of spareribs so can't get a good look at each rack to try and get something with relatively even thickness. Lately I've received racks that seem to have an extra layer of fat and then meat on top and these never cook well for me. That fat stays a bit stringy and chewy. Is this common and if so what do you do? Today I tried to filet off that extra layer but it didn't go as easy as I expected so I stopped to avoid butchering up the rack. And the results were as expected - that extra layer was a real detractor on the finished product.
Sounds like Diaphragm was left on. try trimming it off and should be good. Some people cook it seperate for the chefs to nibble on while the big prize is cooking.
I know what you mean someCompanies are probably leaving this extra stuff on for profit they're not to worried about losing a little quality. It's the same with baby backs they leave more loin meat on them because they get more money for ribs then they do for boneless loins.
I have a rack of Smithfield spares that I'm doing later today.I trimmed off more than a pound of "extra".

Like said above a good sharp deboning knife helps and that extra does get used.I will often make pork gravy for use later on down the road.
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