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Expected cook time, and refueling

Dan Bostwick

Joined May 15, 2021
I am working on my third smoke today, so I am pretty new to all of this. I have a question about expected cooking time from one "load" of coals.

I just had to refuel after 7 hours, with a projected total cook time of 12 hrs. This is the second time that happened to me on a long smoke. I was wondering if that is normal and no big deal, or if I am doing something wrong. I am using a Weber Smokey Mountain 18". I filled up the ring with a full load of coals, pulled a whole bunch out of the center, leaving a hole, used my chimney to get them started, and then poured them back into the hole. I did not count coals when I filled the ring, of course, but it seemed reasonably full to me! I get about 6 hours out of that and then have to take the thing apart to add new coals and get them lit. I am using Kingsford Blue Briquettes.

Is this just par for the course? Is 6 hrs about right for a full load? I saw that Kingsford has a "long burning" briquette ... is this worth buying?



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Joined Jan 18, 2020
I don't use the normal Kingsford briquettes any more, they make much better options these days.
Here's my favorite.



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Joined Jan 18, 2021
Welcome Dan.
Not out of the ordinary at all. You are doing good man! Different brands of brickettes and lump burn at different rates and have more or less ash. Find something that works good for you. Make a mental note or keep a log of the performance of what you like and don't. It's a great hobby with excellent info here. We would love to see some pics of your cooks and again, welcome.
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