Everyone has to have a "first" fatty, right?

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Sep 24, 2013
Marysville, WA
Half mild, half spicy sausage, sauteed onions, mushrooms, spinach and gruyere.

Card is for scale.

More Q-view this weekend when I smoke 'em!

Thanks to all the rollin' and smokin' forum members who inspired me to try this crazy thing.
Very nice. I was not so fancy with the bacon wrap on my first fatty..... AKA Cholesterol Bomb

As promised, more Qview!  Done!  Smoked 'em to 165 (@ 250, it took 2  1/4 hours) then turned the Traeger up to high to crisp the bacon a bit...15 minutes later...internal temp reached 175 and I was a bit worried....but...

The bacon was done to perfection and the insides...well, I know you all love Qview so...

The cheese oozed a bit!  It was juicy and delicious, not dry at all.  Here's a single slice pic...

My wife and I agreed that the presentation was great, as was the taste!  We're making some more for Super Bowl Sunday!

We tried 'em on biscuits too.  Awesome!

I'm taking the second one to work tomorrow - will be warming it up in a microwave.  I'll post back to let you know how that goes...

Thanks for looking and keep on smokin'.

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Took the second fatty to work this morning and used a microwave to heat it up (before slicing).  It took about 5 minutes in a tupperware box with lid on gently to bring it up to a reasonable temperature (which was still a bit cool in the middle).

Meh, not as good as fresh and hot, but the boys at work all say they're going to be making their own for Super Bowl Sunday.

I, and four co-workers demolished the fatty in just under 3 minutes.  That has got to be some kind of record, no?

Keep on smokin'.

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