European Vacation

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My wifes sister is German (lives just outside Magdeburg) She said Germany is just about fully back to tourism.

So we been talking a 3 weeker. (if the squirmish is over by then) Fingers Xd
Spain, France, Germany, UK and onto Norway and Sweden

Note to self: Dont try to bring back salumi again. SIL said she can ship it to me.
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With all the stuff going on right now I would hold off, hate to get stranded somewhere over the water and cant get back home
What Mike said :emoji_point_up_2: things are going to be a little shaky for a while over there.

F it, I would go for it. there is always something going on. Just insure your tickets, have an egress plan, and check with US embassy websites when traveling to make sure you get notices from DoS if you need to bug out sooner than expected.

There are places in Europe that we'd really love to see and we're getting older so time is limited, but my overly cautious side has me feeling that we should stay here. Now with the war going on in Ukraine, that's just another reason for us to stay here.

I think we'll just take a day trip to Edisto Beach or Isle of Palms Beach... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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