Enough bacon already....can't take anymore

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Original poster
Jan 25, 2011
Greensburg, Pa
Made my first ABT's and a Fatty. The ABT's were real good and I think I ate too many. By the time the Faffy was done I was over my limit on the bacon already and well.........
You have committed a deadly sin - LOL Bacon overload  
Over the limit on bacon!!!! WTF.

Jeff, I think we need to start tightening up the standards for membership!!!

"I was over my limit on the bacon..."  I'm not sure that phrase has ever been said on this forum.

OOPS!!! My bad.

I just realized that Duster44t is new, and made a slight error in the original post.  It was just a simple typo. Duster meant to say "I was under my limit on the bacon"
Oh ye of little faith, we are to blame for your predicament; you have not been guided to the land of the BUCKBOARD bacon; 3 times the lean, 1/3rd the fat, a true doctor's friend!  Now with lo-salt, too!  Lean, pickled and smoked turkeys too!

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Blasphemy   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry guys it must have been my pain pills acting up.....LOL. Just to prove I'm ok, I'm having BACON and eggs for breakfast.
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