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  1. Hello friends! This is my first post. I am smoking a pork shoulder for the game this Sunday. I have a Electric Masterbuilt Smoker. I have smoked a few times in the smoker and have not seemed to get it right. For this Sunday I am doing a 4.6 pound shoulder and was looking to use a Mexican Coke brine of some sort. I have used the 3-2-1 method and a few other methods such as smoking for time based on poundage and then putting the oven. If anyone has any type of input/recipes/tips it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Michael,

    3-2-1 is generally for Pork Spare Ribs, not Pork Butts or Shoulders.

    Below is my Index for all kinds of Smoked Meat Step by Steps. There is a Pulled Pork Step by Step in the Index:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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    Oh Boy!
  4. Holy moly! Thanks man!

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