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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by adjc, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Hello to all, first time poster with many yrs of bbqing from back yard pitts to southern pride rotisserie pit (spk500). Have recently got back into the hobby again an thought I would go with a reverse flow as I have never cooked on one of these but like the idea of full flow of heat and smoke. So this is where the econo pit came in. Bought one of these on a spur of the moment thing and was I surprised at how inefficient these cook. So I went to work on it over the last yr and have finally got it where it needs to be. From a cold pit it can get to 270" in about 45 mins which I feel is acceptable. So here are some of the mods I did to to it to make it a nice cooker. I also converted it to lp as you can see in the following pics. Any questions fire away as I'll do my best to help in any way I can. Been lurkin for a long time, nice forum with very informative folks. Hope I can contribute, never can get enough ideals when problems occur!

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    That's a nice smoker!! First question that comes to mind is how efficient is it? How long does an LP bottle last?
    Interesting concept.

    Welcome to SMF.
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    Thanks for the welcome. A tank of lp usually lasts about a full cook (10-12 hrs) an a half (5hrs) at about $9.00 per tank fill. What's the greatest benefit to me is the consistency of the temp. Once the regulator is set, no more highs or lows with the temp. As you can see with the cast iron pot on the burners all is needed is four or five fist size chunks for smoke flavor and the rest is heat. Stood many a nights tending fires an now that older age has crept in this seems to be the answer for me.....I like it. The flavor is still there, no notice of lp at all.

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