Easy spinach stuffed flounder with an optional cheese sauce

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Feb 8, 2012
Harford County, Maryland
I decided we need to eat more fish. My kids decided I was crazy. I won, they loved it

I took frozen spinach, cooked it and drained it. I wrapped a flounder filet around the spinach, pinned it with toothpicks and in the smoker it went at 325° for 30 minutes

While it was smoking, I used a cup of heavy cream, heated it in a small sauce pan and melted cheddar cheese, salt and pepper to taste. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a cheese sauce for the kids.

Full disclosure: I'm pretty sure I read this or saw it on TV somewhere. I'm not that inventive when it comes to fish.

Sorry no Q/view. I had to get them to try it as fast as I could.

Edit: I forgot- I used Old Bay on the filets too
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Good for you. Kids need to try as many different dishes as possible. It will let them enjoy food more as they grow.

Well, the "big time" Italian chefs will cry when we combine seafood and cheese?

Tough cookies!

Flounder and relatives are generally great fish!

With no pics?  I would have taken a big plate of that!

Good luck and good smoking.
Happy Thursday Shinny!

And here's to your flounder & spinach!

One fun idea that kids may enjoy, is a romaine "wrap."

It's fun to make and it crunches and is "taco-esque" in ways, messy, child-like, delicious, and still very healthful too!

One lays out the leaves of a big romaine lettuce head on the table, as if each leaf is a sheet of paper. 

Then in a bowl, one can take a can of wild salmon (there are healthful brands without added sodium) and in a bowl mix that with mashed avocado, or Dijon mustard, or olive oil and a little sea salt. All healthy and fabulous!

Then chop up some red pepper on the side, and place the bowl and sliced peppers on the table and let everyone scoop servings into leaves, and roll them up and eat, crunch, and enjoy, as if a wrap!

Sometimes having mustard on the table as a dipping sauce, or a good salsa without sugar added etc., is fun too.

THEN, once they've tried that, you can take a fresh piece of wild salmon, put it on your smoker to cook it, and then slice it up in a bowl and mix it with your avocado or whatever you wish, (the same way as before), and have the freshly made version!

Getting them to "help make" each version is half the appreciation and fun, and then they seem to have some exciting pride about eating what THEY made etc.

(Or I have seen kids - and adults - just downright love this simple and healthful dish and ritual anyway).

And so, if that helps any, then wonderful!

If not, then just ignore me! Smiles.

I simply get excited, and enthused, (about exotic, healthful, and minimalistically arranged food), and therefore come from a well intended place!

OK, happy fabulous Thursday!!!!!! Great to see your post!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah
Ignore you???? NO, I like reading your posts. They're always pleasant and full of good ideas, like the one you just gave me. I'm going to try it one day next week, if the snow ever stops and the east coast opens for business again. 
Well thank you very much Shinny!

I'm delighted you enjoy my posts, and hope your kids enjoy making "Romaine Salmon Wraps!" I love making/eating them too! Smiles.

Yes, it is still snowing and snowing and snowing!!!! (Here too). But then we "bring our own sunshine" right? Here is to that!

And Happy Thursday to all!!!!!!!

CHEERS!!!!!! - Leah
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