Dyno Glo wide body propane smoker

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Original poster
Sep 18, 2021
Can anyone give me some help please. I have a Dyno Glo wide body propane smoker. I am going to smoke some chicken thighs and a 9.5 Boston butt tomorrow. Do I need to start the smoker and let it warm up and for how long do I do that and what temp should I do it at? I have only used it one time and I had to keep adding wood chips to the smoker. Can anybody give me a little help new at this. Thanks for the help
I don’t have that smoker but do have a propane smoker. I preheat to my smoking temp, usually 240. What type of container does your smoker have for chips? Mine has a drawer. I use chunks instead of chips. Sometimes I have to split the chunk to get it to fit, but it lasts longer than chips. Good luck.
Googled your cooker. Looks like you could use chunks with your pan. May need to trim them down a bit. Post up some pics.
Yea. Mine says chips only. Doesn’t make sense. Chips flare up and burn really hot. Chunks just smolder. I use chunks and don’t have any problems.
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