Dyna-Glo SS Offset Vertical

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May 13, 2019
W. Palm Beach, FL
After getting the family hooked on smoked meat cooked on my modified ECB, my son decided to get me something with a little more real estate. My last smoke on it was for Thanksgiving, when I produced a wonderful spatchcocked turkey and two chuck roasts (the family favorite). It was brutal! As much as I enjoy the journey to good smoked eats, I also told everyone that there will definitely not be a Christmas encore lol.

Little did I know, that he knew, that I was planning to upgrade to a Bandera. So, he attempted to order one for me as a Christmas gif, but he couldn’t find one in stock online. I guess that he also observed me on one of the forums examining a thread regarding a modified old Brinkmann Trailmaster offset vertical. I really enjoy the modifications and making something even better than the manufacturer planned.

Well, after he couldn’t secure the Bandera he looked for the Trailmaster and purchased the Dyna-Glo thinking that it was the item he saw me observing. It arrived last week and I immediately ordered RTV and gaskets for the CC and FB. Spent a couple of hours assembling it Sunday and seasoned it yesterday in preparation for my Christmas Eve Cook.

Man, with all of the negative connotations towards the brand that I’ve seen, and even after the employing the mods that others had laid out , I went into it with trepidation and lower expectations than I should have. I was very happy with the results, and am downright giddy to get my first cook on this unit! It held temps very well, no smoke leaks, and temp control (thanks to the many members here that have imparted valuable information) was very well surprisingly more manageable than I expected being that it’s my first offset.
I have the Dynaglo Signature Series offset too. Runs great as a stick burner. The grates are only 16“ so laying ribs down flat is tight but if you get a set of hooks it's perfect for hanging full racks.
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