Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by dutch, Aug 8, 2006.

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    hooligan-I've done this from scratch before only cuz our supply of Bushes Baked beans had run out and dry beans were the only thing in to be found in Casa del Dutch. Ma Dutch buys serveral cases whenever the local grocery store has their case lot sales. Check out my Ranch Style bean recipe-that one is made from scratch. Great flavor and it a savory bean dish-not sweet like the WBB.
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    Maliki12-What type of smoker are you using? Just run your smoker like you normally do. If I'm using the Lang the wood is white oak and maple and if it's the GOSM, then I use Hickory chunks in the pan.
  3. muidaq

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    Just started these a few minutes ago. Part of my first smoke on my new (to me) Stumps Prince. It's cooking under some ABTs and a plain fatty. Can't wait to try 'em.
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    Muidaq- Welcome to SMF and glad you found the WWB recipe!!

    Please take a moment and stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself there so you can receive a proper SMF welcome
  5. Just noticed last night I didnt post the pic of the beans in this thread. They came out spicier than sweet but I tossed a couple of finely diced jalapenos and serranos in there.

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    Looks Yummy!  I whipped up a batch recently, and the gang loved them!  Gotta appreciate the genius of Dutch's recipes!
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    I make these beans quite often. I have even made them in the crock pot, and roaster, had to add the bottled smoke to get the smoke flavor, but it worked. I have not tried adding chipotle powder but will try that out on a small batch. This last memorial weekend I was at the lake for a get together and we made 6 deep dish lasagna pans of these beans 2 mild, 2 hot and 2 Xhot. The gal at the check out said boy that's allot of beans, and we said yep and there will not be many left, and there wasn't. I must admit these are the best beans I have made, and even if ya don't follow the recipe exactly they are still GREAT. 
  8. I just did the Q for the "Celebrate Downtown Okemos and Art Walk". As a side dish I used my version of your Wicked Baked Beans.  I sold out! Everyone loved them.  I had 19 people ask for the recipe.  I sold, we think, 211 people. I had a mention on the 11 o'clock news.  I think the beans are the talk of the town for a day or two.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe Dutch.
  9. what a thread with longevity!

    Back in my poor student days (I was very poor), I would alternate meals...one night I would eat ramen noodles; the next, a can of Bush's Baked Beans...I did this for several years.

    I still love ramen noodles, but find it very difficult to eat baked beans...though after reading all the great feedback, I gotta try this recipe!
  10. dutch

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    Gator, glad to hear that you sold out of them beans!SCC-give these beans a try-they are much better than "right out of the can'.
  11. These beans are OFF THE HOOK amazing. I used a sugar maple wood, smoked them for 3 hours, stirring a few times. I had the chicken I was cooking dripping into them for a while as well. They were devoured by us and our guests, lots of us getting second helpings!

    Thank you!! *d
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    I made these for the second time yesterday for a friends and family BBQ. Last year, my MIL brought her beans, which I personally love, but they were a flop. This year's beans were gone literally after about 20 minutes. Double or triple batch next year fo sho. Thanks again for the recipe.
  13. Wife and daughters were out of town for the weekend, so had a few buddies and their boys over Friday night and decided to try out Wicked Baked Beans for the first time. Made a double batch with some slight modifications and they turned out fantastic! I used 2lbs of bacon and 4 jalapeno's (seeds removed). The heat was very subtle, so I will be leaving the seeds in on my next attempt. Also, added about half of the smoked rope sausage in that you see in the picture about an hour before pulling the beans. Great flavor profile in these!

    So...here is what you all are waiting for...


    Leftovers will be finished for lunch today!
  14. dutch

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    @ dalyn: Betcha do a double batch next time!

    @muidaq: Even when I do a double or triple batch, these things disappear FAST!

    @Cybergoon: I love these as leftovers.  The flavors meld together and taste better the next day. Pretty much the way a good chili tastes better after being in the fridge a day or twa.

    I did a batch o'beans a couple of weeks ago along with some pulled pork and my daughter was taking PP and WBB for lunch for almost a week. She gave her boss some PP and beans to try and her comment was "OMG-these taste so great-what BBQ restaurant did you go to?"  My daughter replied "NoBBQ  restaurant makes food this good-they don't have my dad working for them. My dad made these at home." Her boss asked if I do catering-I see a gig in my future.
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    First time making them this weekend, trial run for a family gathering in early August.  These beans were the bomb!  Everyone loved them including the neighbors.  Used a little bit less bacon since I was adding spare rib skirt trimmings and also used red bell pepper.  Placed them under baby backs and st.louis spares to catch drippings.

    Will add habanero as suggested by Dutch next time to add some kick.  Great recipe!

  16. dutch

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    Looking good there Jaun!  I sent you a PM about that hab.
  17. manman

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    Well, not that there was ever any question; looks like this recipe has been proven time and time again... but just wanted to stop in to say that I tried these for the first time today, and they were a hit!   Used fresh pineapple since they had some at the store by my house, but had to cut out the jalapenos since not everyone is a fan of spice but I still got a ton of compliments.  Had these with some smoked brats & burgers on the grill.  Nice hot sunny day + some beers, and sent home some very happy guests :)

    Sorry no pics, had more guests than I expected (+ a wild beats toddler running around!) and it was too late by the time I was able to slow down.  Will definitely be doing these again soon though!  Thanks Dutch!
  18. dutch

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    Glad they turned out well for ya manman!
  19. Thanks, I'll be giving them a try!
  20. fawndunnit

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    This recipe sounds delish - can't wait to try it.  Thank you!

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