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  1. SmokinAl


    I was in Publix a few days ago & they had a bunch of Tri tips. They weren't cheap, but the meat guy said they will be carrying them from now on. I guess they have been getting a lot of requests for them. So I picked one up. It needed no trimming, so I just put some Worsty & Montreal steak...
  2. xray

    Instant Pot Pinto Beans (Frijoles Charros) + Turkey Roast

    I was gifted an Instant Pot for Christmas and I have been playing around with it quite a bit. So far, it has produced excellent eggs for pickling and awesome Pork n' Sauerkraut. A litmus test of mine for this Instant Pot was to make beans without soaking. I must say, these came out pretty good...
  3. bert kreitlow

    Looking for Bean Recipe

    Hi Everyone: These cowboy and dutch's recipes for beans look fantastic, but I once found and then lost a recipe for a bean recipe that was unbelievably good. I'd like to try it again with a rack of ribs I am doing in my weber tomorrow, but can't find this any where. This recipe had the same...
  4. Dane Wilson

    Meatloaf and Beans

    Going to make my first attempt at Meatloaf and baked beans in the smoker tonight. Any tips are very much appreciated. Using a Masterbuilt Electric smoker with apple chips today. Meatloaf is a mixture of ground beef and sausage, onions, peppers garlic, eggs and breadcrumbs. Seasoned with...
  5. Rings Я Us

    Anniversary Butt and gary s Beans

    Good bean recipe by gary s I recommend. I used a Chipotle rub on the pork butt and in the beans. The beans also got a cup of Chipotle Sweet Baby Rays. Honey and brown sugar , an onion with a bell and 2 jalapeno peppers. Bacon of coarse. 55 oz can of regular Bush's. RIP Duke the Bush's dog...
  6. chilerelleno

    Big Brisket Flat & BBQ Beans

    Stopped by Sam's Club to check out the meat selections. Found Choice Angus brisket for $4.77 per lb whole or flat and Select for $4.44 per lb. They only had one whole brisket left, a big 25 pounder that had a good feel too it, but a considerable bit of fat. Too much even trimmed up for a party...
  7. SmokinAl


    I know most of you already have your best bean recipe, and I would never try to say that this one is the best bean recipe out there. What I will say is, when we have guests the bean pan always ends up empty. Also for the new folks on here who haven't found that best bean recipe, I think this...
  8. Dutch

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    WICKED BAKED BEANS (Beans that will even make Chili Heads happy) 6-8 strips of bacon cut into 1/2 inch squares 1/2 Medium onion, diced 1/2 Bell pepper, diced 1 - 2 Jalapeno Peppers, diced (seeding is optional) 1 - 55 ounce can Bushs Baked Beans 1-8 ounce can of pineapple chunks, drained...
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