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Jan 5, 2020
So I’m smoking a bunch of baby back ribs today and I found something really weird. One of the racks has double rib bones? I promise you it’s not 2 separate racks. It’s one set of full length rib bones with another set of smaller rib bones fused on the top. I tried to split them apart and it impossible. And the further you go down the rack the smaller ribs go from being on top of the larger bones to in between the larger bones. I couldn’t find much info but somebody on Reddit had the same thing about a year ago. Has anybody here ever seen this?
That extra set of bones are called Chine bones. Part of the vertebrae and not ribs. They are common with mass produced pork and sucky butchers. Also that extra bone is short and doesn't run the length of the ribs. They were just cut too close to the spine
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By the time I saw this yesterday the original question had been removed and Jake had already answered....correctly I might add.
That extra set of bones are called Chine bones.
If you're wanting to learn something, I've always believed that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. This thread could be very beneficial to people who are buying in bulk directly from producers in an attempt to beat the rising cost of meat. I've never had to deal with the chine bones where pork is concerned but do have them in the 103 sub primal rib sections I get from CPB. Typically they are only about the size of a dime and not very long but they can be really difficult to cut out. I just leave them in there unless one is exactly where I want to slice a steak, then I'll dig around until I get it removed. From my standpoint, they are a bit of a nuisance but not worth the trouble to remove.

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