Dry curing deer

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Oct 26, 2015
Western Maryland
Anyone have any suggestions on a type of style for curing sausage type stuffed meats? I would like to cure, stuff and smoke and dry them and stor them dry. I like bologna, but am looking for other ideas to process deer into different things. 
Any dry sausage/salamai formulation works as long as you add enough fat. I did Len Poli's venison salami, but haven't followed thr recipe to the letter. Look it up.
Just realize Dry Curing is an advanced technique with special equipment and extra care with sanitation and handling. Not hard just more involved...JJ
I figured you would add less to no fat, but that is just an assumption. Since I don't know can someone enlighten me more on what or point me to a recipe, instructions or a type of processing to follow? 
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