Dry Aging Tenderloin

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Original poster
Nov 30, 2022
Hello -

New to the forum. I'm cooking a beef wellington for Christmas - not smoking, just baking, so apologies that this is somewhat off-topic for the forum (but WHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET can I find people that might know the answer to this question?).

I'm planning to dry age a couple of tenderloins in my Dry Ager (dryager.com) for the wellington - I want to maximize taste/texture from the dry-age while minimizing waste (hopefully don't have to trim anything). Anyone have experience dry aging tenderloin? I have full temp/humidity control. How many days? Ideal temp/humidity?

Thank you all for input! Hope to spend more time here in the future (especially when the northeast winter lets up and I get back to BBQ).
Welcome to the forum from Minnesota! Should be members who know about your questions coming back to you soon!
I have no help here but love the approach here. Wish I could try some.
I've dry aged briskets and NY striploin, but never thought about tenderloin. How long are you shooting for? At 28 days, I've still had to trim about 1/8" from the edges. On a tenderloin, that might be considerable.
How did this turn out? Assuming it took less time to cook. I just picked up a 21 day dry aged tenderloin for the holidays.
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