Drum question

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Original poster
Feb 14, 2017
First real post here, but wanted to get opinions on the "health" of my drum for my UDS.  

I had a UDS that I built from a heavy duty (three ring) drum that was unfortunately in the bed of my truck when my truck caught fire and burned up.  The fire was hot enough to melt off all the aluminum on the UDS and destroy the ball valves I had for vents at the bottom.  I've been on the fence about re-using it wondering about what it was exposed to in the fire with the burning gas, rubber, plastic etc.  

Would the barrel be ok to use if I were to re-strip it, do another burn and re-season?  The fire was hot enough to burn off the stove paint that I had painted the UDS with originally so it's rusted right now.  Drums are hard to come by in my area so I'm debating doing another build or just sucking it up and buying a manufactured smoker.  Thanks for the input!
I would rebuild it....   burn it out after the rebuild at a temp 1-200 degrees above normal cooking temps..
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