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Jun 24, 2007
Probably a newb question, but couldn't find a good answer in my searches.

Is there a good way to catch drippings, say in a 3 rack smoker? Where you are doing multiple types of recipes, and you don't want them mixing together, dripping on each other.

I'm sure you wouln'dt want to do alum foil on the rack itself, but could you line the bottom of the rack, leaving slack so that there would be an inch or two between the rack and foil, to allow smoke between foil and food? A little aluminum foil hammock grease catcher.
I don't think it is a problem to let the greese drip just put the chicken,duck,goose on the bottom pork/beef should not be a problem your water pan will act as a drip pan ( my thoughts ) and it is the way I do it Go ahead guys n gals correct me if i'm wrong
I agree with smokincowboy. I look at it like this......if the meat can be eat not fully cooked, the juices should be okay. if the meat has to be fully cooked to be safe, well....you get the idea.
My dad had that same problem I suggested that he hangs foil pans with wire from the racks to eliminate cross contamination. Worked out pretty good
Nope, don't wanna re-use it ( although I'll bet the drippings would make a great gravy for something, depending on the rub).

Just being new to Q, not sure how much drippings might influence the flavors below them.

Guess some of it is common sense. Like - thinking of doing a fatty with my ribs on Sunday. Either the fatty should go on a bottom rack, or situate the fatty over to the left side and the ribs over to the right side.
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