Double smoked salmon

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Oct 12, 2016
Hey everyone, I recently caught some beautiful king and coho salmon in Lake Michigan and took them to a local butcher market to have them smoked due to my time constraints, would much rather have smoked them myself. They are the worst smoked fish I have ever tasted. There is absolutely no flavor (it was like eating when I had a bout of Covid and lost my taste and smell lol). No salt flavor, no sweet flavor, no smoke flavor and they are a very light color which don’t even look smoked, they’re also way more moist than I prefer. I would like to salvage them on my smoker. Would it be possible to brine and smoke again or just smoke again to get more smoke flavor? The other option floating in my head is to cut them in strips and smoke them basting with honey/maple sugar to make a poor man’s salmon candy. Anyone have any insight or suggestions or ever tried something like this?! Appreciate any help before I make cat food out of them lol
Since we have no idea on how and how long your local market smoked the fish, it's hard to say what you should do next. Once it's been smoked, I really don't see too many options after the point.
If Craig says not much chance at this point, I would believe him---Around here, he is our Local Smoked Salmon man.
I guess if you have the time, just hang some of it in some medium dense smoke for 12 to 24 hours. See what happens.

Can you supply a couple pics? Any idea as to what temp they claim they smoked the fish to? I wonder how cooked the fish feel / look. At worst case, you could try grabbing a piece and toss it into the smoker with some Alder wood, just to give it a try.
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How long did your butcher shop have the fish? And I would also like to see some photos.

Some shops will save up fish for a few days (or longer) and batch brine them. A day or two in their refer is okay, but holding them longer will affect the quality. Some will actually freeze them until they accumulate enough to process, which is also dicey. Shooting from the hip here, but if they did batch brine and did not mix the correct concentration or fail to overhaul with care, the overall quality will suffer.

If the color was washed out and bland looking, the smoker management was all wrong.

PS - It may be possible to flavor smoke them for more flavor, but it will be a surface treatment only. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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