Double smoked ham resting question

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Jan 12, 2015
Abbotsford, BC
So im doing two double smoked hams this weekend. One on saturday and another sunday. Neither dinners are at my house, but i was asked to bring something. My question is, how long can i safely rest each ham beforr eating? Both dinners are a 30 minute drive away, and i would like to show up a little early to get some time to visit. Is this going to be do-able? Any suggestions?
With a double smoked ham all you are doing is reheating it in the smoker. So you could serve it cold if you wanted to. You can rest it as long as you need. It would be best to hold it at or above 140 if you plan on serving it hot.
Pull it at 140 then foil and towel and cooler it.

The temp will raise a bit and hold really well.

You got this.
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Just let us all know the addresses and we'll judge the temp of the yummy ham when you arrive.  What friends are for.
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Got one ham done today. Used a pineapple orange glaze and it it turnout out awesome. One more ham to do tomorrow, gonna make a root beer glaze on that one. Ill post a pic once its done as well.
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